First Day of School + Back to School Feast 2015

We've been back to school for almost 2 weeks
The first few weeks of school are always crazy...trying to get back into the routine of things.
This year, I have a 1st grader & a 3rd grader!
The day before school we found out the girls teachers.
We were SO excited that Claire got the same teacher that Kate had for 1st grade. 
I think it is going to be a great year for Claire.
We are excited about Kate's teacher this year. It turns out that Kate's teacher used to go to the same church as my parents! Small world!
 This year also marks my 12th year of teaching!
Love my new Stitch Fix dress! Perfect for the 1st day of school :)

The 1st week of school was a little rough, all 3 kids got fevers (& I had to pick up the girls early from school) and Claire got her first bee sting on the way to class one day. It was a crazy
We usually have our Annual Back to School Feast the 1st week of school, but because of 3 sick kids, we had it the 2nd week of school. 
 Ever since Kate started preschool, we have done a Back to School Feast to kick off the school year.
This is one of my favorite traditions!
Back to School Feast {2010}
Back to School Feast {2011}
Back to School Feast {2012}
Back to School Feast {2013}
Back to School Feast {2014}

  Each year we pick a theme for the year for the kids to focus on.
This year, our 2015 Theme is:
 I printed up some sayings & put them in frames:
We decorate the table & have our Back to School Feast outside:
I made name tags for each of us & stuck them in a succulent:
 I also made tags for the centerpieces to go along with our theme.
 I love how they turned out.
 Succulents are perfect since we are in the middle of a major drought!
 Our menu is always Breakfast for Dinner (since that is the girls favorite)
I made homemade Buttermilk pancakes from scratch (so good!):
We also had Bacon:
Fruit (Strawberries & Blueberries)
 Hash browns:
 We said "cheers" with OJ
Our Back to School Feast is one of my favorite traditions.
 We talk about our theme for the year.
My hope is that this year, my girls will Believe in Themselves.
As Claire heads into 1st grade, I pray she believes in herself & can take her reading to the next level...and learn to tie her shoes :)
As Kate enters 3rd grade, my hope is she continues to believe in herself...she is nervous/excited to learn multiplication & cursive.
Most importantly, I want them to BE themselves & BE friends to others.

Happy Back to School, Friends!
Do you have a Back to School Theme or goal for your kids?
Hope your new school year is going smoothly!


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  2. LOVE your back to school feast and your theme for the year!! Great attitude!!


  3. My kids just headed back to school this morning. I already miss them, but I'm excited for them as well. Very bittersweet. :)

  4. Love your back to school feast! Such a fun idea and it's obvious from the big smiles your kids love it too!

  5. Love your Back to School Feast tradition! We are going to do that this week since my kids started up today! Thanks for sharing!

  6. They're so cute! I hope you all have a great year!
    My 10 year old and 8 year old just started last week, and my preschooler just started yesterday!



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