Show & Tell Tuesday {Home Tour}

I don't know about you, but I LOVE looking at other peoples houses.
I love going to Open Houses, I love looking at houses on the internet.
It's not just because I am nosey (well, maybe a little bit!) I just really love seeing how other people live & how other people decorate. I love how everyone's styles are so different & unique.
I have blogged about most of our house before, but today I am updating some of the rooms ...plus our Living Room/Dining Room Before & After that I have yet to post!
Thanks for the fun link up Andrea!
 Let's start with the kitchen, since this is where I spend most of my time!
Here is our Kitchen/Family Room:
 Opposite View:
 Kitchen Table & Eating Area:
The photo above was taken last summer.
We are actually in the middle of construction right now....we had to get a new french door because the one that the previous owner installed 10 years ago was installed incorrectly, it was leaking & causing dry rot.
This picture was taken today....Construction Zone!!!

I got a smaller French Door & had it moved over 18 inches so that next time we update our kitchen, I will have 2 more feet to put in counters & cabinets (we don't have a lot of counter space or storage in our kitchen)

We also had to get a new kitchen window as well, since it was also leaking (I got rid of the garden style window & just put in a flat picture frame window)
It was also leaking & causing dry rot.
We are hoping to have the trim work & painting completed this week!
Fingers crossed.
Family Room:
Another view of Family Room:
If you want to see Before & Afters of the Kitchen/Family Room from when we first moved in, check them out HERE

Here is our Master Bedroom:
You can see the Before & Afters from our Master Bedroom Re-do HERE 
(Last year we actually took out the hardwood floor in our room & put in carpet in our room, so that is another change we made since I posted the Before & After of our room)
Kate's Room:
 She got this new comforter for her birthday in January.

This is the 3rd time we have given her room a facelift.
You can see the Before & Afters and more pics of Kate's room HERE

 Claire's Room:

Claire wants a new comforter for her birthday, since Kate had this one for her first big girl bed and Claire has had it for 4 years. She says it's too "babyish"
  You can see more of Claire's Room and some Before & Afters HERE

Luke's Room:
The other side of the room:
We will probably get rid of his crib later this summer & put him in a big boy bed. Sigh.
You can see more of Luke's Room HERE

Here is our Guest Room/Office:
The other side of the room "the office" You can see more of our Guest Room/Office Before & After HERE

 Here is a BEFORE of our Living Room/Dining Room:
Our house was built in the 1970's when conversation pits were all the rage.
 The conversation pit was right in the middle of the living room & dining room. Totally awkward & waste of space. For the first 4 years we lived here, I just put all the kids toys in the pit, so it was like their playroom.
Even more awkward, this is where our fire place was & it was wall of painted white brick:
 Last Fall, I had saved up a lot of my Rodan + Fields earnings and we got rid of it of the pit!
Kevin ripped the floors and took out the wall of white brick:
 The pit was about a foot lower than the rest of the living room/dining room, such a weird design. I don't know what builders were thinking in the 1970's
Then Kevin took out all the horrible railings that surrounded the pit: 
 Then our contractor  built up the floor to the same level as the rest of the room:
And added dry wall around the old fireplace:
 The next phase was adding a new fireplace, we went with a gas insert
And a simple mantle:

The next phase was ripping out part of the wall so that we could add a French Door to the backyard. We have a lot of parties, so we wanted more access to the backyard to keep good flow going through the house (Our door had to be ordered & it took about a month to get in)
 Framing up for the new door:
New door in:

Then, we had to add more flooring so that it continued on with the original living room & dining room floor:

Of course, the original flooring had been discontinued, so we re-used the boards that were in the pit AND we took out the hard wood floor in our bedroom (and put in carpet) and used some of those floor boards for the new area:

 Kevin did all the flooring himself and he did an amazing job! Eventually, we want to re-do all of our floors with a dark hardwood, but since the majority of our house is hardwood, we are going to wait, because that is going to be a huge project!
Here is the final reveal:

I also moved the direction of our dining room table:
Got a new rug for the living room & some new throw pillows:
 This room is SO much more user friendly now!!
 This project was started the last weekend in August & was completed the day before Thanksgiving! It was a labor of love.
I am so thankful for Kevin's hard work with parts of this project & I am thankful that my side gig of Rodan + Fields paid for the new door & the new fireplace..and the new rugs & pillows.... :)

The final stop in our home tour..... our backyard:
Another view:

And, our side yard where the garden is:
These pics were taken 2 years ago, that is why our grass is so green. Now, our grass is DEAD since we are on water restrictions because of the major California drought we are in right now :(
   You can see more Before & Afters from our Backyard HERE

Hope you enjoyed our house tour!
We have lived here for 5 years and have done TONS of work on our house, but we like doing house projects :)
Be sure & check out the Before & Afters to see what it looked like when we first moved in.
If you want to see our old house, HERE is that home tour :)

As you can see from these pics, I am VERY simple (and kind of boring) with my decor.
I don't like clutter, so I try and keep things light & simple!
Thanks for coming along on the tour & I can't wait to go check out your houses!

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  1. You have a beautiful home! Great job with all the updates. Loved looking at the before & after posts!

  2. Lovely home! The kids' rooms are adorable and the living room transformation is so impressive!

  3. Beautiful renovations, Mel! Love it!!

  4. Your house is gorgeous! I'm feeling inspired! Also, my daughter recently picked out the same comforter that Kate got for her birthday for when she gets to update her room. I showed her the picture of it in Kate's room and she said, "That is a beautiful room!"

  5. SO much renos… LOVE IT!!! I'm jealous of your backyard!!

  6. You have such a pretty house! I love how your living room looks without the pit. Wow!

  7. Great job on the renovations! You have a beautiful home and your backyard is gorgeous!!

  8. I am in love with your backyard - it's perfect! We always say our next (and last) house will for sure have a pool. The renovations look amazing!

  9. Wow you and your husband have done a lot of work! I admire the way you've thought all the details out and even planned for the future. It looks fantastic!

    Thanks for the sweet comment you left me earlier. :)

  10. So so so pretty!!! I think I love looking at before/after and renovation shots more than just room photos. You made a beautiful home even better!!

  11. What a project! That's an incredible makeover. Can y'all come do our house? :)

  12. I love the uncluttered look! I'm the same way. I don't like to have to dust a lot of knick knacks. Just my thing. Do you have hardwood or laminate? Does Boulder scratch up the floors much? We are trying to decide which way to go. The house looks great!

  13. I love your home Mel!! I would've left that conversation pit! KIDDING! Wow what a funky thing to have in a house... Your backyard is absolutely gorgeous! I really need to get into the R&F so I have money to do fun house stuff with too.... I'm working on it ;)

  14. What a difference without the conversation pit!
    The room looks GORGEOUS now with the new door and new fireplace!! :)

  15. I love your house! We like in the Bay Area and where I grew up, in Foster City, there were so many 70's houses with weird layouts and I remember a few "conversation pits" in my friends parent's houses. Makes no sense! Your pool is beautiful and I love the changes you've made. Thanks for the tour!!

  16. Great house tour! Your backyard is awesome. I've followed your blog for a while now and I really enjoy it. xo

  17. I love love your home! Please do a post about how your declutter. I am all for clear countertops and space. I wish my husband could follow suit too but I'm slowing getting him there. Opening up your living room made a huge difference! Wow!

  18. Visiting from Momfessionals

    I love your home! I'm the same way, love looking at other peoples home. I know you hated that pit, but I actually liked it, it would be perfect for segregating Sophie's toys from the rest of the room.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  19. That renovation is amazing!! It looks SO much better! :) also, I love all of the light in your house!

  20. Such a great house! I love your backyard...just beautiful!!!

  21. Such a pretty house! And such a beautiful kitchen. So light and so open in there!!

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