10 on 10 :: April 2015

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
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Today's 10 on 10 is brought to you by Spring Break & Potty Training :)
I woke up and had a few minutes to drink my coffee in peace before Luke woke up:
When Kate woke up, she wanted to play her Rush Hour game {HERE} She got it for her birthday, it's a fun logic/puzzle game.
 I was so excited that today was Friday, Luke was doing awesome at potty training & was finally clicking for him. I hadn't left my house since Tuesday and I was going to surprise the kids and take them to donuts in their pj's! I was getting cabin fever and just had to get out of the house!
I went to load the kids up in my car, but all my doors were locked! And, my keys were in the car (and Kevin had the spare) Earlier, Claire had gone to get something in my car and she hit the lock as she was getting out of my car. Ugh! I called AAA to have them come and unlock my car...in my garage.

Yay! I am finally out of the house & we made it to donuts in our pajamas!

We got our donuts and also got some to bring to my sister since she is potty training Jack also.

We got home and it was time to watch Elmo Potty Time with Luke before his nap.
Then the girls wanted to chalk...is there anything better than a fresh box of chalk? So pretty!
While the girls were chalking and Luke was napping, I made my lunch (2 fried eggs, 1/2 avacado and lots of Chalula sauce!) and then sat by the pool to read. I finished this book, SO good! It was nice to sit and enjoy the beautiful weather since I have been trapped in my house all week.
Then the girls wanted to ride bikes on the court with our neighbor Olivia
 While the girls were riding bikes, some more neighbors came outside to hang out & so we all brought out some appetizers & had moscow mules while the kids rode bikes & played.
 I love our court, especially on Friday evenings!

Friday Night means Pizza Night! Pizza with a glass of chardonnay (My friend/co-worker Sandi dropped off this bottle of wine for me since she knew I was in potty training hell with Luke. Thank you Sandi!)
 So, that was our 10th of April. A glimpse into how not-so glamorous my Spring Break was.
I didn't leave my house for 3 days, didn't shower for 2 days, I lost count of how many times I cleaned up pee & poo off the floor, the girls declared it the worst Spring Break EVER & I was so exhausted I could cry. The 3 day potty training method took Luke about 5 days, but it's all good because NO MORE DIAPERS....EVER!!!
I took notes on how each day of potty training went, and I will blog about it because it might be helpful if you need to potty train one of your kids! I'm so glad I never have to potty train again!


  1. Girl, potty training is the worst! I admire you for doing it over spring break!! You earned the wine mama :)!

  2. I admire your commitment! With all three of my kids, I just waited until they cared enough to go. I call it the Lazy Mother's Guide to Potty-training :P

  3. all that yummy food makes me hungry!!! thanks for sharing!! Grettings from Venezuela!!

  4. I love your court too!! I wish we had friendly neighbors where we could all just hang out and have fun!

  5. I finally joined 10 on 10 after seeing your posts the last couple of years. One of my favorite posts from you. Can't wait to see your potty training notes as my son is trained to pee, BUT STILL will not poop...and he's 3.5! I'm over it!

  6. Potty Training is the WORST! Glad you survived!!! So glad I never have to do that again.
    And, now I want a fried egg & avocado for lunch. That looks so good.

  7. Artesa is the best! And SO hard to find! Yum!

  8. One of these months I will remember 10 on 10. Sure wish wet were friends when I potty trained my son because it took weeks...my daughters were a breeze but. It my son. Is he night trained as well?
    I think of you often when I have my Friday night pizza and wine or angry orchard cider. :)

  9. Let me know when a house on your court goes for sale...I may move there....lots of kids for my kids to play with, pizza Fridays, and awesome pools!? (and Warriors fans!) I'm sold!!! The pic of Luke in his undies is priceless! Yay for spring break! Summer will be here soon!!!



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