Crying Kids with Santa is my Favorite

Not many things bring me more joy than crying kids with Santa (or the Easter Bunny)
I love it even more when it's my own kids.
Kate was 11 months old and wasn't quite sure what to think. Didn't smile, but didn't cry.
Claire's 1st Christmas {3 months}, Kate {23 months}

Claire {15 months}, Kate {2.5 years old}

Kate {3.5 years old} & Claire {2 years old}
Kate {4.5 years old} & Claire {3 years old}

 In 2011, they both smiled.  The streak was over. But in 2011, I had just found out I was pregnant with Luke, so I was hoping for another Santa screamer ;)
Luke was just 4 months old and he LOVED Santa. I thought my crying Santa streak was really over.
YES!!! Turns out Luke is a crier with Santa!
 And, even better....my nephew Jack also cried. Double the fun.
What would Luke do this year? Would he cry? (Fingers crossed......)
And, JACKPOT! Luke is still not a fan.
Love it :)
Don't worry, Luke was only on Santa's lap for about 30 seconds & then I rescued him.
I love our Santa, he is FREE! You get to take your own photos!
And, he spends time with the kids & doesn't rush them (even though there is a long line)
He asked the girls if they had been good.
Claire said yes. Then he said,  "Claire...what about your room? Have you been keeping it clean?"
My jaw dropped....Claire's room is a DISASTER. Claire was like a deer in headlights. I had no idea how he knew. Then he said, "Claire, Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?" Claire said "That's how you knew about my room!"
Her face was priceless.
Then he asked Kate if she had been eating her vegetables (Again, I have no idea how he knew that Kate has been trying to be better about eating her veggies)
Our jaws dropped again.
I believe! Seriously....Santa is real!!! ;)
When he asked them what they wanted, they both said Christmas Dresses for their American Girl Dolls (of course one of them is sold out, don't know how I am going to pull that one off! This is the first I have heard them wanting these dressses)
It was just an awesome experience. 
First, Luke cried and then Santa asked the girls the most perfect questions.
I absolutely love these magical holiday moments with my kids.
And, I absolutely love crying kids on Santa's lap.
My girls love looking back on their crying Santa photos.
I hope Luke does too!


  1. I love all of the photos with your kids and Santa (especially the crying ones!) I also love how Santa was so sweet and asked such awesome questions! It is the magic of the season!

  2. Love these pictures! Yes crying Santa pictures are the best!

  3. I seriously love all of these! Crying Santa pictures are the most hilarious things ever. So cute!

  4. What an amazing Santa! I love that he said such perfect things. Oh, and the crying Santa pictures are the greatest!

  5. These are AWESOME!!!!! Ha!

  6. LOL! You should send these to Ellen. She does a segment on crying Santa pics!

  7. Santa's face in the second photo is hilarious. Maybe someday, all three kids will be smiling!

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