10 on 10 :: November 2014

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Can you believe it? November 10th.....that means it is almost Thanksgiving! 
October thru December is my favorite time of year...Fall...Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Love it.

This morning started off great for a Monday...we had no school! We actually have a 4 day weekend, no school Monday and then no school Tuesday in honor Veterans Day.
We all slept in until almost 9 am. It was glorious. 
Every morning starts off with coffee. Can't live without it.
We had no plans for today....which meant I declared it a Pajama Day. On Pajama days, we stay home, do puzzles, watch a movie, do crafts and some baking...we just relax and play with toys. These are some of my favorite days.
Pumpkin Pancakes for a late breakfast/brunch. Yum.
Luke played trucks & trains while the girls colored.
Since I had the day off, I decided to get things done around the house as well, so I washed everyone's sheets, quilts and comforters. It was 80 degrees today so I was able to air dry the quilts outside. The girls wanted their flannel sheets on, so we transitioned to their cozy bedding.
The girls and I did some crafts....they wanted to make crowns.
 For lunch I made myself an egg scramble...with heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, cheddar cheese and of course, topped with Chalula. I am obessed with Chalula.
 Happy Mail Day...my 7th Stitch Fix arrived!
It's like Christmas morning everytime a Stitch Fix arrives.
I have kept something everytime I have gotten a Fix. This time I am keeping the stripe coral sweater!
Have you used Stitch Fix before?

In the afternoon, Luke napped and the girls went to my Mom's for a couple hourse for their weekly Monday Mimi time. I watched some Gilmore Girls....I love this show! Just started watching it.
 I picked up the girls from my mom's and she had gotten out my Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls from when I was younger. My Grammy used to buy us these dolls. My mom was going to give them away, but the girls loved them. We brought 3 of them home...1 for each of my kids.
I still remember their names...Cynthia, Susie & Toby.
Did you have Cabbage Patch Kids when you were a kid? My sisters and I each had about 5 of them. Gotta love the 80's :)

When Kevin got home (yes, Luke is still in his jammies) Luke was showing Kevin all the choo choo trains and trucks in one of the cataolgs that came in the mail. Marketing at it's finest. Ha!
After the kids were in bed, I headed off to my 9:15 Indoor Soccer Game.
It was a nice, mellow Monday with my kiddos.
And, I am so happy that tomorrow is also a day off.
Hooray for 4 day weekends. 
And, an even bigger Hooray for the reason. Thank you to all the Veterans & military families.
Thank you for your sacrifice and all  you have done for our country.


  1. EmmyKate just started playing with an old Cabbage Patch doll, so I told her all about the 80's doll! Ha!

  2. I just love how light and airy your pictures are, beautiful!

  3. I had a brown haired CPK just like yours! :) Her name was Theresa.

  4. These are my favorite little moments! Coffee, pumpkin pancakes, eggs, coloring, Gilmore Girls and cabbage patch dolls? That's a whole bunch of perfection right there!

  5. My girls play with my old Cabbage Patch doll (Karen Michelle) all the time!

    I just started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, too, and I really enjoy! If only I had more time to binge watch it!

  6. I received that same coral sweater in my stitch fix recently! I love it.

  7. I am so intrigued with your stitch fix boxes. Can you do a post on your new items. Those are my favorite posts of yours! I want to sign up but just can't pull the trigger. Any advice for me that you have had seven? Just curious about the price commitment.



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