An Amazing Weekend in Napa

A year ago last July, my friend Bridgette was dropping off her daughter to play at our neighbor's house. Kevin was in the front yard doing yard work and stopped & chatted with Bridgette (we all went to high school together and Claire is the same age as her oldest son) Bridgette was on her way to Napa for a Rodan + Fields trip that she won & Kevin told Bridgette that he was glad she was having so much fun with her business. Then he said to her "Mel should do that business"
Kevin came into the house later and told me I should look into Rodan + Fields. I rolled my eyes at him and said "Yeah right. I am not a sales person. I will never do direct sales. I will just keep buying the products from Bridgette" 
Fast forward to the Fall and I kept seeing how much fun Bridgette was having and I was telling my friends they should buy R+F from her. After a couple conversations with Bridgette, she said I should really consider becoming a consultant. So, in November  I signed on.
 I was scared. And excited. And nervous.

So, here I am 8 months into this business and I got to go on that same Napa trip that Bridgette was on last July. It was an incentive trip from our team and I was one of the winners! 
A free weekend in Napa! Pinch me!
Our day started off by getting pedicures & having mimosas.
There were 6 of us on this trip. 3 of the top leaders on the team who put on this trip & then the 3 of us from the team who won the trip.
Toes ready do head off to Napa!
Napa is one of the most beautiful places in California.
I mean seriously....breath taking!
Our first stop was Frank Family for a picnic & wine tasting.
Loved these lights:
Next we headed to Pragers Winery for Port & Chocolate tasting.
It was my first time there and I loved it!
They have a bottle of port called "Sweet Claire". 

We headed to Silverado Resort & Spa which is where we were staying until Monday.
It is breath taking there!

We had a little condo & for dinner we did Margaritas & Tacos. It was a blast.
Our leaders had gotten us white fluffy robes with our names on them. So cozy!
The next morning we woke up to more presents. I got a Kate Spade bracelet. My first one ever!
Then we headed off for more Wine Tasting.
Our first stop was my favorite winery....Cakebread Cellars!
One of the girls on our team, Colleen, it was her birthday on Sunday, so we made her wear a birthday sash.
Me & Bridgette! So thankful for her friendship all these years and even more as a business partner.
Do a cheers to celebrate ourselves & a fun weekend.
Final wine tasting stop of the day was Napa Valley Wine.
Then we headed back to Silverado for lunch & pool time.
Our leaders gave us these notecards & notebook to write down our goals.
Then we all got ready & headed out for dinner at Rutherford Grill!
They have fresh squeezed juices that they make their cocktails with. Squeeze the juice right there!
It was my first time there....delicious food!The grilled Artichokes are AMAZING.
One last group shot. Of course we had the doctors in the photo as a way to say thank you for an awesome weekend :)
We headed back on Monday morning, but before we left, they had another gift for us. 
A coach bag!!!! Ahhh!!! I have never had a Coach bag before!!!
It was such an amazing weekend! 
I am so thankful for the opportunity of Rodan + Fields. 
 It has been such a gift and this Napa weekend was just the icing on the cake. 
If you are looking to earn some extra money each month in very part time flexible hours, then this might be the right fit for you! 
No quota to sell each month, no inventory and no home parties.
Totally web based!
You don't need a blog to do well in this business (in fact, I am the only one on our team with a blog. I would say about 10% of my business is from the blog, so if you are a blog reader have purchased R+F products from me, Thank you for your support!)
The majority of my business is family & friends. 
I tell everyone who is interested in R+F that if I can sell it, anyone can sell it. I had no sales experience before this!
I had no idea what I was doing.....I was just a mom of 3 kids & a teacher. 
I had no sales experience whatsoever.
But I quickly realized that I didn't need sales experience because of 2 things.
1. The product has brand presence. It is from the creators of ProActiv & it comes with a 60 day empty botttle money back guarentee.
2. We get so much (free) training from our leaders & teams and it is a huge support system. It doesn't matter if you have never done sales, you will get awesome training.
If you are even slightly interested in joining our FUN team, I would love to chat with you about it!
Send me an email:

It is a very exciting time for Rodan + Fields, as we are launching into Canada next month and Asia next year!
If it isn't a fit for you...let me know if you have any friends/family who would be interested.
We have a great referral program :)

One more thing to add about Napa!
When we were at Cakebread, the awesome girl who did our wine tasting tour told us that she makes Cabernet Brownies. I asked her for the recipe & this is what she said:
Take a box mix of Brownies. When is says add 1/4 cup of water, replace the water with Red Wine. 
I made a batch on Tuesday night. 
I added some milk chocolate chips on top and in the mix to make them even more decadent.
I will never make brownies with water again.
These brownies were life changing!
I learned so much this weekend in Napa & made new friends.
It was my first time being away from my kids for 2 nights, but being surrounded by amazing moms who are also part of this business was encouraging. 
It was a weekend I will never forget and these brownies will always remind me of an amazing weekend in Napa.


  1. OMG, my mom and I went to Napa a few years ago and it is one of my all time favorite vacations! I've heard of R+F, so cool that you were able to go on a FREE trip and all of those gifts are amazing! I'm a SAHM, so it might be something I consider at some point in time. Those brownies look so good, I'm gonna have to try those too!

  2. wow, that is amazing! Totally different than when I sold Tupperware, lol :) I do want to talk to you about a face product so I will email you later today :)

  3. Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment. The trip looks like a blast!

  4. What an amazing weekend! Congratulations. You sure know how to do Napa....I may join you next time you go 😊

  5. So happy you got to go on this trip!! And even happier that you are loving your decision to sell R+F! Those brownies sound Ah-mazing! Will definitely be trying them out in the very near future. ;)

  6. Hi Mel! What a FUN weekend!! Congrats! I should have thought more about getting in on this with you. Lol. Actually, I just applied for a job as an LA stylist with Stich Fix! Keep your fingers crossed for me. :)



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