Five on Friday {June Edition}

Happy Friday!
Are you ready for a 5 on Friday post?
Last Thursday was the last day of school.
Every year on the first day of school & last day of school, I take a photo of the girls.
It is so fun to see how they change during the school year.
Claire first day & last day of Transitional Kindergarten:
Goodbye TK, Hello Kindergarten!
Side Note: I am so, so, so, thankful we have a Transitional Kindergarten in our school district. TK is for kids who are born September through December. Claire has a September birthday & we had the choice to send her to TK or Kindergarten this past year. I am SO glad we chose TK and waited for Kinder until this Fall. (I blogged about our decision last year on THIS post)
It was 100% the right choice for her & I have no regrets about our decision.

1st grade was a huge year for Kate. She grew up SO much! She is such a big kid now! I can't believe just 9 months have passed between these photos!
She started 1st grade still having her 2 front baby teeth and ended it with those teeth missing & adult teeth growing in. She thrived this year and I am so proud of all her hard work!

Both girls changed SO much...physically, academically & socially.
It was such a great school year for each of them.
I just love 1st Day & Last Day photos!

Are you following the World Cup?
I just love the World Cup. In 1994 the USA hosted the World Cup and my parents got tickets for us to see 2 of the quarterfinal games at Stanford Stadium. It was so fun!
I have been hooked on World Cup ever since then. Can't believe that was 20 years ago.
The World Cup is especially fun this year because one of my friends Chris Wondo is on the US team!

He is seriously one of the nicest guys ever. Right after college I was a director of a Summer Soccer Camp and Chris was my assistant director. So happy for him! Go USA!

Speaking of soccer, as you might have known, I got a soccer scholarship and played college soccer at the University of Colorado. After I graduated from college I moved back here to California and coached high school soccer and played on some co-ed indoor leagues. But then, 8 years ago I got pregnant with Kate....and I haven't worked out or played soccer since then. Not once.
Well, some friends needed another girl to play on their indoor soccer team this summer and somehow they convinced me to be on their team.
Monday was our first game, so I dug out my bin of college soccer stuff and suited up for the game.
Kevin took this pic of me right before I left for the game.
Everything I am wearing is from college...15 years ago! Ha!
I am not going to lie, I was nervous about playing again because I am SO out of shape.
And, wow, I really am out of shape. The game was super fun, and I am still a little sore.
I am glad I am playing on this team because I needed to do SOMETHING.
8 years (and 3 kids later) is way too long to not work out.
This gave me the kick in the pants that I needed.
I might even go on a run this weekend so that I can breathe easier for next week's game.
It is an over 30 co-ed league, so it isn't that hard core.
I did get "carded" before the game when I went to register.
The sweet man who owns the indoor soccer place told me he needed to see my ID because I am playing on over 30 team and he didn't think I was over 30.
He said to me: "Do you go to college at Colorado? You can't play on this indoor team. You have to be over 30 years old"
He is my new best friend.
I think that is so funny that I got carded to register for a soccer team.
I was flattered he thought I was under 30.
Thank you, Rodan + Fields for my younger looking skin :)

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Be sure and check out Shay's blog today!
 I am honored to be over there for her Pajama Party this month! Love Shay & her blog.
Shay interviewed me, it was fun. This month, the theme is all about Summer!
 You can check it out {here}

Happy Friday!
We have another swim meet this weekend...seriously, what did I get ourselves into by signing the girls up for swim team this summer? Ha! It's a big commitment, but it has been so good for them. They are working so hard at practice and it wears them out.
Hope you have a great weekend! 


  1. Thank you so much for co-hosting with me!! You did an amazing job girl! You OWN summer! Happy Friday!

  2. Didn't even THINK about my mommy tummy-I am SO using the amp roller! And, thanks for the swift kick that I needed for Summer. We are going to make our list today! I'm over the "I'm Bored"...yes, that has happened ALREADY! Intentional Summer, Intentional Gift Year ;)

  3. I read your PJ interview - this is part of the reason that we are friends. I also am a Jennifer Garner fan girl. Love love love 13 on 30. I was nine months pregnant with Coop when it came out and I went and saw it at the theater - twice! It was all I felt like doing and the theater was cold. And Alias! I love Alias so much.

    I am happy that you are playing soccer again, I think it is good to get out and do something for you - and those exercise endorphins will make you feel great!

    Happy weekend, Friend!

  4. You know Chris Wondo?! That is so awesome!! And I am glad he is a super nice guy. Footy needs nice guys! My husband and I basically stop our lives when big soccer tournaments are on like this. We went on our honeymoon to Mexico during the Euro Cup and we watched games at 11a and 2p everyday, by the bar mind you. We live and breathe it! So fun!!

    I can't believe how much older Kate looks! Wow!!

    Cheers to summer my friend! :)

  5. I need that roller stomach thing...ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love the first day to last day pictures of your girls! It is amazing how much they grow (vertically and inwardly!) in a year. I taught Kindergarten before having our son, and I would ALWAYS suggest Junior Kindergarten (what our TK was called at our school) for the kids with the borderline birthdays. It's a huge gift to them to let them have that extra year before starting K, and I could really see the difference in the children who were given that time to mature.

  7. Oh my gosh, those first day and last day pictures are so cute. I so need to do that with my two little ones when they start school! My oldest is already too old. She would never allow it!

    Glad you are enjoying the soccer team. You look adorable in your uniform.

  8. hi! i started following your blog after reading your pajama party with shay - and i feel like we have actually met before?! i'm thinking it was at kanakuk maybe??? maybe k-extreme (or was it k-klassic then)...i worked as the head office girl there for a couple summers, 1999-2002. i went to mizzou for college but my husband & i live in fort collins, colorado now with our 2 year old boy. fun that you played soccer out here! anyway, just wanted to say hi - the blogisphere is such a small world sometimes:) hope you have a great weekend!!

  9. Don't you just love to look back on the first day of school pictures and compare to the last day of school picture. Your girls really changed this year. They sure are cuties.
    Yay for soccer! We were in Tahoe for a soccer tournament this weekend and between games the boys piled into rooms to watch world cup games.



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