Get Pin-Spired #16

 Hey, Hey It's my Birthday!
I am the big 3-5 today. Yikes.
I am taking the day off school and going to get a mani/pedi.
Then, I am heading to the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale, I received a couple Nordstrom gift cards for my birthday that I WILL be spending today!
Enough about that, no it's time to Get Pin-Spired with me, Sheaffer & Shay!

I am doing something a little different with this month's Pin-Spired! 
Last month, one of my best friends from since I was in Pre-School (Hi Sarah-Sue!) posted on FB that she just got her first Stich Fix. I had heard of Stich Fix before, but hadn't really looked into it until then and decided to give it a try!
Basically, Stitch Fix is a styling service that sends you 5 pieces of clothing, which are picked out especially for you by your own personal stylist! 
Here are the 5 things I got in my box:
When, I first opened my box, I immediately laughed because 3 out of the 5 items are pieces I already have in my closet....but I took that as my stylist knowing my style and what I like.
Not the exact ones, but similar. I have a white/navy striped shirt with 3/4 sleeves. I have red jeans & I have a denim jacket just like that one!
I held up the aqua cardigan & knew it would be too big (it was)
And, when I saw the floral tank, I wasn't quite sure about it.

Not only does it come with 5 items, but it comes with a note from your stylist (so nice!) and it comes a print out of different ways you can style the pieces they sent you! And, it tells you what brand they are. It's like your own personal Pinterest. So fun!
 Since I just got my Stitch Fix, I thought I would use my Stitch Fix for my Pin-Spired post.
Here is one of the images on the card:
 I wasn't so sure about the tank top because I am not big into floral prints. I mostly stick to stripes (I own LOTS of stripes! And polka dots!) I had the other items to make this outfit happen:

I actually loved this outfit! I was surprised at how I liked the floral tank. It was fun & summery!
 I decided to see if I could create any other outfits with this tank top.
Here is one I came up with:

I LOVED this combo!
 This outfit just screams Spring & Summer to me. 
It made me realize that the floral tank would be more versatile than I first thought.

 Onto the next outfit....
I am pretty sure my stylist sent me the stripe shirt and the red jeans because of this pin that I have on my Pinterest:

 Even though I knew I wasn't keeping the stripe shirt and the red jeans since I already own items just like that, I thought I would try them on for fun.

I had to cuff the jeans because (shocker!) they were too short on me (I am 5'9 and have a LONG inseam of 36 inches, pants are so hard for me to buy) But, I was SHOCKED that they fit me pretty well. If I didn't already own red jeans, I would have kept these.

 As I was looking at the card my stylist sent me, I saw this cute outfit she put together using the denim jacket they sent, but I already own.  
 I realized I have similar color combos that this outfit has, so I dug in my closet and pulled out my coral/white/gray shirt and gray pants. (Just a little swap from the pictured outfit)

I like how this outfit turned out and I will totally be wearing it! 
So, there you have it! My Pin-Spired outfits for this month...which are really Stitch Fix inspired as well :)

If you want to sign up for Stitch Fix, it is easy!
Click {HERE}
To get started, all you do is fill out your style profile (and you can include a link to your Pinterest Boards if you have them so that your stylist can get a feel for your style)
The cost is $20 (which includes your styling fee and includes the shipping and return shipping!)
If you decide to keep any of the items, the $20 cost is credited toward what you buy.
If you keep everything in your box you receive $25% off the entire purchase. As a bonus, if you refer a friend who orders a fix you receive a $25 credit. 
I decided to keep one item.....the floral tank top. 
It was fun & I own nothing like it. 
I returned the other 4 items (which is super easy to do because your package comes with a pre-labeled & pre-paid shipping envelope that you mail your items back in. Easy Peasy. 
You just log on to your account and give your reasons why you are returning them (size, cost, didn't like, etc) Very user friendly!

I was really impressed with how well my stylist did choosing pieces for me the first time around, I mean she picked out 3 items that I already had in my closet...pretty impressive! 

It was fun, I will definatley be doing another Stitch Fix!
Anyone else ever tried out Stitch Fix? 
I am totally late to the Stitch Fix bandwagon, but glad I hoped on board :)

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  1. Happy birthday! It sounds like you have the perfect birthday planned. And your outfits were totally cute!

  2. Happy birthday!! i love that floral top by the way. And I am OBSESSED with stripes!! I hope you have the best birthday! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy Birthday! I also shy away from floral prints but I think I could do that one because it's more abstract...I don't look at it and think FLOWERS automatically. At any rate, I really enjoyed your Stitch Fix review and the card-to-real-life presentations!
    Gina -- On the Daily Express

  4. Happy Birthday, Friend! As I was reading I was thinking,"I hope that she keeps the floral top." My neighbor is doing stitch fix too.

    A birthday trip to Nordstrom, that's what I am talking about. Check out the Lucky Brand black lacy thong sandals, on sale for $46. I ordered them late, late last night and I think you might dig them too! For young master Cooper's birthday today we are going through a drive-thru safari. I've heard that the animals come right up and drool on the car so it should be interesting!

    Have a fabulous day, you deserve it!

  5. I love the items you received Mel! Too funny that you already had 3 of the pieces! They must really know you!

    The looks are great too!

  6. Happy Birthday Mel!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day :)
    Love the floral tank & white pants!

  7. Aww, yay! Happy birthday! Hope it's fabulous! Thanks for hosting and sharing your SF goodies! Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

  8. Happy Birthday! I just got my first Stitch Fix today - it was really exciting to open the box! One item I already had, one was a terrible color, and the jeans were a little big. But they sent me the most gorgeous top and necklace that I'm keeping. I will definitely do it again - it makes me try things I wouldn't normally try! I agree - the tank top you kept is perfect on you!

  9. I have not tried Stitch Fix yet but it looks like fun! The floral top looks great on you and I love how you styled your outfits!

    Happy Birthday!


  10. I tried stitch fix this year too, so I'm equally late. :) Like you, I felt they did a good job matching my style...too bad you had so many of the items tho...love floral tank!

  11. Love the stitch fix idea! You looked so cute! Are the items they send usually a bit pricey or pretty reasonable?

  12. Happy birthday! Love your outfits! What brand is that floral tank? LOVE it!



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