Kate's Nail Salon Birthday Party

Yesterday was Kate's 7th Birthday Party.
She decided on having a Mani/Pedi Party and we had her party at a local nail place that just opened up that only does mani's/pedi's for kids.
Usually I do my parties at my house, but once I saw this adorable nail place, I knew I had to have it there. Plus, I had a coupon and had the party during the week, so it made it totally worth it! 
I loved how the party turned out & I loved the color palate that we decided on.
Here are the invitations that I made:
{Coming soon to my Etsy Shop!}

Isn't the room ADORABLE?!?!
Darling couch where the girls sat for their pedi's. Swoon.

 Party Details:
 Since I had this gorgeous room to work with, I had fun with the decorations.


Drinks were Raspberry Lemonade & Lemonade:

I served the drinks out of mason jars, wrapped some bakers twine around them, added a name tag, cute lid & straw!

Kate picked out all the food items she wanted for her party.
I love parties where we don't have to serve a meal, so it was simple snacks/treats.

 Kate wanted marshmallows at her party, but I didn't want to just have a random bowl of marshmallows for the girls to eat, so I dipped marshmallows in candy melts & then stuck a tooth pick inside a cherry tootsie roll to make them look like bottles of nail polish.

   I thought they turned out cute :)

Each of the girls got a mani & a pedi!
Before they got started, each girl got to put on a white spa robe. Kate got the pink one since she was the birthday girl:

While they waited for their turn, I had the middle table set up for coloring & making bracelets.
I printed out coloring sheets of nail polish for them to color:
 Then it was time for cake!
My Mother in Law made one of her awesome cakes!

Favors for the party were simple...a bottle nail polish for each girl!
  I got them for a $1 each & then made a thank you label for each one.
So, there you have it!
A mani/pedi Nail Salon Party.
Even if you don't have a place like this in your town, you could easily re-create it at your house by hiring a few high school girls and have them give the girls mani's & pedi's!

Happy 7th Birthday, Kate!


  1. That is so adorable!!! You are so creative. I love the marshmallow nail polish. I would have loved this as a little girl. Heck, I would love this same party at 33.

  2. Can I have this as my birthday party?! So precious!

  3. LOVE IT! And lucky for Anna, it's in her town ;)

  4. Oh I just love this party and all the fun colors! And the place how fun. I love the marshmallows...so creative! My daughter will be 7 soon and wants a cowgirl party which I LOVE but I am really liking this theme.

  5. Happy birthday Kate!! What a fun party theme! And that little party place...fabulous! I loved every single detail! Way to go mama!

  6. That is SO cute!! We don't have anything fun like that around here for little girls...so jealous! =) Kate must have had a wonderful time!! Is the birthday girl missing a front tooth? Oh they grow up so stinking fast!

  7. I totally adore that you kept the party some what simple and doable, but it was wonderfully special and personal!! I love the way you made the super cute salon personalized for your birthday girl! Thank you for sharing with us! You have given us lots of ideas to copy. Totally wishing I had a party place near me as precious as yours!!

  8. What an adorable Birthday party! The nail polish marshmallows are so creative and they look perfect! What a wonderful party planner you are!! My Daughter is turning 3 in a couple of months, and I know it would be chaos to have a bunch of 3 year olds getting their nails done, but that shop is TOO cute and I really would like to plan a party there someday. Something you could only find at the good old Blackhawk mall! lol I love all of the pink. I took my Daughter in there around Christmas and she kept saying, "Wow!"
    What a wonderful party! Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!!

  9. Wow what a fun birthday! That nail salon looks amazing. So cute

  10. What an awesome nail salon! My daughter (6) was oohing and ahhing over the party.

  11. Marshmallow nail polish!!! QUIT IT. This is all so cute. Good job, mama.

  12. I'm sure Kate & friends had a blast!
    What an adorable salon!
    I love the Mason jars, marshmallows, and cute cake :)

  13. Where are the mason jars from? I LOVE this party!!!

  14. just adorable!!! love this theme as well as the cute little locale.

  15. Just found your blog and am so excited I did! LOVE this party! SOOOO adorable! This is what my daughter wants to do next year!...btw...I think our two are exactly the same age...within a couple days! :) Keep up the good work! Totally feeling blessed to have found your blog today!

  16. This looked like you have big fun. I really loved this party and that pink theme is super cute with this super cute girl. Thanks for sharing.
    party space nyc

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  18. Wow! Love to throw my daughter a nail salon birthday party this weekend.

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