2nd Annual Pioneer Woman Potluck

Last week I hosted the 2nd Annual Pioneer Woman Potluck Party for some of my local blogging friends who love the Pioneer Woman as much as I do.

You know me, I looooove P-Dub.
Met her at her book signing a few years ago. Have her 2 cookbooks, her book & all her Charlie the Ranch Dog Children's books. And, we watch her show every Saturday morning!
The Pioneer Woman is my favorite. I want to go to her ranch soooooo badly!
I hosted a PW Potluck Party last summer & it was so much fun we decided to make it an annual party.
Each person brings PW dish (from either her cookbooks or her blog) & I had them email me what they were bringing so there were no duplicates.

If you have been to my house (or seen one of my parties), you know I LOVE fresh cut flowers :)

The Table:


 Here was this year's Menu for the Pioneer Woman Potluck Party 2.0

Last year, I was 39 weeks preggo with Luke when I hosted the party. Here we are this year, with me drinking a glass of PW's Sangria. YUMMMO.

Drinks Served were:
Sparkling Water, Sparkling Lemonade, Berry & Lime Infused Water (pictured), Chardonnay & PW's Sangria.

I served all the drinks out of my blue mason jars.

I made name tags by stamping names on mailing tags.

Now, onto the food!
 Corn Dog Muffins
 I made her Watermelon Pico De Gallo
 It was SOOO good & refreshing! And, pretty!
 I could eat bruschetta everyday.
 We had Soup & Salad next.
Perfect Potato Soup

Grilled chicken, feta, corn & blueberry salad
Totally random combo, but I loved it!

Fig Prosciutto Pizza with Arugula

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta
 The lovely ladies during dinner:

Dessert Time!

White Texas Sheet Cake and Baked French Toast
Monster Cookies
All of the food was delicous! Just like last year, I hadn't tried any of the recipes on the menu, so it was so fun to try out new things.

My favorites were:
Sangria, Bruschetta, Watermelon Pico de Gallo & The Chicken, Corn, Feta & Blueberry Salad & the Pizza.

After Dinner....Full & Happy!
Top Row (Left to Right) Becky (& baby Evan) Wendy, Me, Tegan, Heather M, Tara, Rebecca
Bottom Row (Left to Right) Jess, Kim & Heather G
We missed you Jessica & Keri!


It was a fun night filled with great food, great conversation & even greater people.
Some ladies I have been friends with for years, others I have met because of the blogging world.
It is so fun when we all get together. Ladies who love the Lord & Love to blog. And, love the PW.
If you are a PW fan, I highly recommend having a PW Potluck Party!

Can't wait to have another PW Potluck Party next summer!


  1. How fun!! I love this concept! And your decor was fabulous!!

  2. How fun! And I love the blanket that Wendy is styling in all the pictures!

  3. so fun! this looks like a blast and what a fabulous idea for a party!

  4. This is such a fun idea! Is the chicken + corn + blueberry salad a chicken salad (sandwich) type mixture? Looks so yummy!

  5. This was SOOOOO fun Mel. Thanks again! I can't wait til the 3rd annual! PS Here is the link to my cheater White Texas Sheet Cake from Ree's Tasty Kitchen site. :)


  6. How fun! All the food looks delicious and now I am hungry!

  7. You are so awesome! This is such a fun idea.

  8. This food looks amazing. What a great idea! I want to come next year! HA!

  9. The food looks so awesome and it looks like a FUN evening with fabulous ladies!!! Thanks for sharing. I may have to try some of these!


  10. What an awesome idea for a party! I wish I was on the guest list!

  11. You have the best parties...I sure wish I lived a little closer. ;) I see that I follow many of your friends.
    The chicken, corn, feta and blueberry salad sounds interesting but wonderful.
    I too love the blue mason jars. They are so fun to decorate with.

  12. This is such a cool idea! You should share this post with Ree :)

  13. Great party idea! I might have to try that!

  14. UGH!! I will NOT be getting the tummy flu the week of the party NEXT year! Guaranteed! :) I'm so so so bummed to have missed such a yummy fiesta! I was so looking forward to seeing everyone!! Next year, for sure! <3

  15. It WAS so much fun. As always, you are an amazing hostess-- fresh cut flowers and all. ;) Already looking forward to next year. :)

  16. what an amazing party, Mel!
    I love the blue masons, and the brown paper with blue type!

  17. So fun & sounds delish! Just made PW fancy mac and cheese and its a great addition for next year

  18. love this! I live {near} her & she shops at my local Reasors. Owassoisms on facebook was grocery shopping one evening & ran into her & asked her to say hi so they could video her. She is so so sweet. :) I always was to stare into her grocery cart & see what she is buying!

  19. *always WANT to stare is what that was supposed to say, {but I don't!}



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