Easter Weekend in Pictures

For our family, Easter is celebrated all weekend long.
{Banner made by my friend Heather}
Tulips are my favorite.
Luke's peeps Bunny shirt that I made.
{Shirt tutorial here}
Egg hunt at Kevin's parents house Saturday morning.
It's not a Larson holiday unless you have gin fizzes :)
 Later on Saturday, we headed to my parents to have Easter with my family (since we were going to spend Easter Sunday with Kevin's family)
I grew up with the best view ever.
Lukey Guy!

My parents & their grandkids!
I made cheesecake for dessert. YUM.
We got home, put the kids to bed & then the Easter Bunny came.
Every year since Kate was born, the Easter Bunny brings the same thing.
Each kid gets a new book, 2 new swimming suits & flip flops. They need swimsuits/flip flops anyways, so it works out perfectly for the Bunny to bring them. The girls also got new goggles this year.
Checking out their eggs which were mostly Easter Egg Coupons. A few eggs had some jelly beans.

Kate said she liked the eggs with the coupons best, while Claire said she would rather have the ones with jelly beans. Classic.
 We headed to church (which was one of the BEST Easter services I have ever been to) and then we headed out to Kevin's sister & brother in law's house.
Luke's 1st Easter!

They have a huge egg hunt & a big search for the golden egg. Their yard is huge, so it is hard to find the golden egg. (They also have 10 acres of grapes...my brother in law is a wine maker)

 The golden egg is a BIG DEAL. You get an amazing gift basket filled with good stuff...wine, gift cards, candy, etc.
 My brother in law's winery just opened up, so it was fun checking out his tasting room.

All the awards his wine has won in just 2 short years of being on the market. So proud of him.
 I love his wine.
 If you are ever in the Lodi area, check out McCay Cellars!

 Every Easter my mother in law makes a Bunny cake for Easter Dessert.

Another Easter in the books. Luke's 1st Easter was a fun one and a special one. 
So glad we got to celebrate our risen Savior with all our family. 
So Blessed.


  1. Can you share your gin fizzie recipe?

  2. Holy cow! Why am I not in your family? I mean SERIOUSLY, your family is awesome! Forget that, why am I not one of your children? You in the mood to adopt a 31 year old girl? I'm totally available! :)

  3. The picture with the kids on the bench is so perfect! I love the peeps shirts, too.

  4. What a fun Easter!! Lots of great pics. I'm all about giving things they already need. Pearson got a swimsuit and summer sandals in his easter basket too. I just love the easter coupons. I'm definitely going to do them when Pearson can understand what they are!!

  5. If you don't mind me asking - where did you get Luke's Easter basket? So cute!

  6. It all looks so cute!
    And here's a blog topic for you, will you do a post on some of your girls favorite books? EmmyKate devours books, so I am always looking for new ones that she might love.

  7. love those bunny shirts! so adorable!

    I also love their Easter Sunday outfits!

  8. Our day was so quiet compared to yours, holidays with family are great! The Peeps shirts are a really cute idea too. We did your coupon idea in the eggs for our boys and they loved them. I'm really surprised that my younger son, the one with a serious sweet tooth, liked them more than the 2 eggs they got with candy. He even asked for a whole book of coupons for his birthday in May. Thank you for the suggestion and printable! Huge hit at our house!

  9. Looks like you had a great Easter weekend!! Love the picture of the kids on the wood bench.
    I am going to have to check out your brother in laws place....I am not far from Lodi.

  10. Great pics and wow the view from your parents home is gorgeous!

  11. Super cute pics! Looks like you had a very fun weekend. We do Easter all weekend long too : )

  12. why why why would you get luke that book!? there's no way i can even THINK about it without crying a river. much less read it. GOOD LUCK! :)


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