10 on 10 :: February 2010

Ten on Ten: 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

Good morning Miss Kate! Happy after a yummy pancake breakfast:
I didn't have to go to school today. Myself and 2 other math teachers at my school had an off campus in-service, so I stopped & got myself a coffee this morning on the way. Non Fat Vanilla Latte, of course!
Our front door, decorated for Valentine's Day:
Playdate at our house with Maddie & Sam. "Fancy Maddie" in her dress up clothes:
Need to stop eating these:
Kate's shirt I made (sans tutu) & the cookies she made with Kevin's mom while I was at work.
She made our initials. One for Daddy, Mommy, Claire & Boulder:
Claire enjoying her "C" cookie:
Gave Claire her last dose of amoxicillin after being on it for 8 weeks treating her dermatitis.
Kate playing/organizing her bowls while I made dinner:
Join the 10 on 10 fun next month!
(and if you did it this month, leave a comment so I can check it out!)


  1. I think I did it right this month!

    I love the shirt tutu, I saw the tutorial on Julie's blog but 1.I don't know how to swe and 2. I don't have a sewer machine.

    I love all your pictures!!!

  2. Both shirts turned out great!!!

    (P.S. How cute that Boulder got a cookie too. :)

  3. going to do this next month...thanks for the great idea...love the pictures!

  4. Very cute!!
    Love all the pics.

    Looks like it has been a fun week at your house. :)


  5. I remembered!!! But I didn't realize it was 1 pic for 10 hours. Which of course I can't do because I work nights. So I'll have to change it a little for me. :) By the way, the tutu shirt is SUPER cute! Was it difficult?

  6. I have got to make Madison one of those adorable tutu shirts (although i'm sure mine want turn out as good) I did ten of my favorite things, but next month I'm going to do this!

  7. Love all the valentines inspired pictures. Are you a math teacher? I always thing I should have been a math teacher! :)

  8. I forgot the link


  9. Always love your 10 on 10s :) Going to attempt to remember to do it next month :)

  10. I love the shirt!!! Claire looks so stinking cute!!!
    Nicely done little miss good at sewing!!!

  11. These are all so great! Cute valentine's theme. I love the tutu shirt pic. And the candy hearts dish pic is sweet.

  12. Do you ever wonder why they don't list the ingredients on the amoxicillin. I think those candied hearts are in there. What kid doesn't love that junk?

  13. What an awesome idea. I want to join in next month for sure!! I love all the love in your pictures. So much Valentine's Day happiness.

  14. Love all the pictures.

    Love that you had your camera in the coffee bean with you.

    Love that outfit for your daughter.

    I might do this 10 on the 10th thing. It was cute.

    Happy Valentine's weekend to you and yours. :)

  15. Love the 10 on 10 theme. First of all, I started shaking when I saw the Peet's coffee... that is my morning beverage every, stinkin day. Second, you are a rad photographer... love every single picture. Finally, love the tutu shirt. So so cute. Your girls are adorable. Happy Valentine's Day. xoxo

  16. how cute I totally want to do 10 on 10 this month!!!! I just got my camera back so the 10th it is!!!!



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