Less than a month left!

Baby Larson #2 will be here in less than a month! I had an appt today & I am 1cm...whoop-de-do!

I have gained 41 pounds so far....right on track for the 50 I gained with Kate. yikes.

The baby's heart-rate was 163 BPM, I still think it is another girl. I will be absolutely SHOCKED if it is a boy! I can't wait to see if it is Claire or Luke!

I am hoping that I make it to the week of my due date, anything after September 7th would work for me!

Kate is doing great. She is so cute & has developed quite the personality. She has been really hyper the last few days & likes to run around the house & laugh. She has a new laugh that I need to get on video, it is hysterical. She is saying new words everyday & has quite the personality!

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