That time I met Robin Williams.

Normally I don't get too emotional about celebrity deaths, but hearing about Robin Williams has hit me hard. 
 The news of his death actually brought me to tears. 
It has been almost 24 hours since I heard and I just can't stop thinking about it.

One of my greatest childhood memories was when I had the privilege of meeting Robin Williams. 
I was in middle school and one of the scenes from Mrs. Doubtfire was being filmed in our town.
 I remember waiting outside until they finished filming for the day. 
Finally at 2am Robin Williams, Sally Field & Pierce Brosnan came outside and they were so nice to us, especially Robin. 
Sally Field & Robin Williams let us take photos with them (Pierce did not. Ha!)
 Robin Williams was hysterical and so, so, nice. 
He was still in character and acted like Mrs. Doubtfire. 
He told us to give him our address & his agent would mail us an autographed head shot of him. 
Sure enough, he kept his word and a few weeks later my sister and I received that headshot & autograph from him. 
I will never forget how kind & friendly he was. And, oh so funny.
 Sally was just so sweet. When we were talking with her, I was spazzing out. I am a hyper person by nature, but can you imagine me at age 13 & meeting a celebrity? I was a super spaz.
I told Sally how excited I was to meet her.
She said "I'm just a normal person who just happens to be in movies"
She was so down to earth & humble. She will forever be one of my favorite actresses.
Both Sally & Robin hung out and chatted with us for about 10 minutes. 
It was after 2am and they were probably exhausted from filming all day, but they were so generous by letting us take photos with us.
It was a night I will never forget.
Ever since then both Sally & Robin topped my list of favorite actors because of how kind & humble they were.

My heart is so heavy for Robin Williams and his family.

To think that someone who made so many people smile & laugh was actually so sad inside.
I have several friends who battle depression & who have had sucidial thoughts.
One of my former students took her own life because of her battle with depression.
Depression is real and I hope this brings more awareness to the severity of it.
You are not alone.  There is hope. Your life is worth living.
What an incredible talent & one of my favorite actors. 
He brought so much joy & laughter to so many people. 
This week I will be watching some of my favorite movies that he was in.
Aladdin, Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams and of course my all time favorite, Mrs. Doubtfire.
What is your favorite Robin Williams movie?
Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.


  1. What an amazing memory and experience :) I, too, am very saddened by his death. Such a tragedy. Many websites have been sharing scenes from his movies and I think that his character as the foreign OB from the movie "9 Months" is my favorite.

  2. So sad. I loved Mrs. Doubtfire too. Heart broken for he and his family.


  3. One night in college my friend Jamie and I were bored and decided to go see "What Dreams May Come" at the local movie theater. About halfway through the movie, I am crying my eyes out and look over to see her sobbing in her seat. After the movie was over, we sat in the parking lot and bawled and laughed at ourselves: "Why can't we stop crying?!" The movie didn't get great reviews, the critics pretty much panned it, but I thought it was beautiful. It had a profound effect on me at a time in my life when my faith was at its lowest. When my co-worker told me yesterday that Robin Williams had died, she said, "That poor man didn't know how we loved him." Godspeed and thank you, Mr. Williams.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these memories with us!! I still can't believe it. Did I know him personally? Of course not, but I feel like he was such a part of my life...from Dead Poets Society to Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire and everything in between. I so enjoyed his show The Lucky Ones too! Good Will Hunting I think is my absolute fave. I loved Jack, too even though it was much lesser known, in my opinion.So sad for his family and for the fact this depression took him!

  5. So so sad. Mrs. Doubtfire and Patch Adams will always be my favorites. And Aladin of course.

  6. Your pictures make me smile!! How special that you have these memories. Hugs to you and the world who is mourning his death. xo

  7. I am so saddened by the worlds loss of such an incredible talent. The only celebrity death I've cried over was Paul Walker - I blame that partially on being newly pregnant at the time (and not knowing yet!) and mostly on my obsession with him! So sad when people leave this earth much, much too soon. RIP Robin. You will be so greatly missed.

  8. We love the animated movie, Robots. The robot voiced by Robin Williams makes the whole movie!



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