Three Things!

Happy Labor Day!

I have 3 things to share on this lovely 3 day Weekend.

Claire's Flamingo Birthday Party was Saturday!
It was a blast!
 Full party post coming later this week!

Kevin was shocked I had never seen Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
 (I have also never seen Star Wars, Karate Kid, Rocky & other "classic" movies...he thinks I was deprived as a child )
 We had a family movie night tonight & all watched Willy Wonka. 
The kids loved it! I still can't get over the fact all 4 grandparents sleep in the same bed #gross
But, besides that...it was a cute movie! Gene Wilder was such a talented actor!

In a month, I am heading to Las Vegas!
The last time I was in Vegas was 7 years ago for my best friends 30th Birthday.
We are staying at the MGM Grand & will be there for 3 nights.
Vegas is where the Rodan + Fields convention is this year, so I want to make the most of it!

Here is where I need your help.... I need suggestions for restaurants & show recommendations!
I am taking 5 girls on my team out for a special dinner & then a show.
Another night we are having a team dinner with about 25 of us and then possibly another show.
Last time I was in Vegas we saw KA....I was not a fan.
I have seen other Cirque shows here when they were in San Francisco & loved them, so I would like to see another one in Vegas. I have heard O is good...has anyone seen it?
I REALLY wanted to see Britney, but she isn't playing while we are in Vegas. So bummed!
I would LOVE to hear your dinner and show suggestions! 
I would also love to hear any other Vegas suggestions that you have! 
Thank you!

I hope you are having a great Labor Day Weekend!


  1. We loved the Beatles show!

  2. I loved the flamingos in the yard! So fun!

  3. Look forward to your party post! A flamingo party is a fun theme :)

  4. Yes yes yes!!! Without a doubt see O!!!! I've seen it twice and would see it again in a heartbeat!! It's amazing. You can google search it and see videos. Amazing!!! I've also seen the Beatles one and I wasn't impressed. I'm also not a huge Beatles fan so that could be a huge part of it.

  5. I loved the Beatles show and the Michael Jackson show. Both very entertaining and great music. Stack in the Mirage was really good and Mesa Grill in Caesar's Palace. I've been to Vegas four times and try to go to new places each time to try them out.

  6. Three things...1)Hope Claire had a great birthday party! 2)You WERE deprived as a child ;) 3) Wish I was going with and see La Reve The Dream!!

  7. My favorite Vegas restaurant is Hugo's Cellar in the Four Queens in downtown Vegas. Ladies get a long stem rise walking into a throw-back to old time Vegas. They personalize your salad table side and the steaks are delicious!

  8. We went to Vegas for a friend's wedding in May. I wanted to see O, but my husband wanted to see Blue Man Group (good, but I think O would have just been magical). Have Fun!

  9. O has been the best Cirque show that I have seen and I have seen a number of them!!

  10. Our favorite restaurant in Vegas is The Steakhouse at Circus Circus. It is one of the best filets I have ever had in my entire life! Kinda sucks, because you have to go to Circus Circus, though. Lol. As far as shows go, we loved O, Love (the Beatles cirque show), Viva Elvis (fantastic and I don't even love Elvis), Blue Man Group, Celine Dion, and Zumanity (although it's really sexual so might be weird for this particular event for you). My VERY VERY favorite show that I've EVER seen in Vegas, however, was Le Reve at The Wynn. It's not technically a Cirque Du Soleil show, but it might as well be. Girl, it was INCREDIBLE. Just incredible. If you are only going to see one show, go see that!!

  11. I love flamingo stuff so I can't wait to see the party details.

    I'm with you, I haven't seen a ton of "classic" films and need to get on that. Like I watched Sixteen Candles last week for the first time and my friends about died.

    Vegas. Oh how I love Vegas. I saw Michael Jackson and La Reve last year, and they were both phenomenal! Definitely recommend La Reve. I had some good food while I was there, but nothing really stands out as being a must.

  12. "O" is other worldly!! You must see it! It's fantastic and one that will stay with you long after the curtain lowers. Also, Sky Lounge has amazing views of LV.

  13. OMG Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was creepy! Glad you enjoyed it, but the tunnel scene always scared the Skittles out of me!

  14. Just returned from Vegas! We saw Britney and it was AWESOME!!! Silence she won't be there.. I would recommend seeing another show like that.. J Lo, Celine Dion, Elton John, Rod Stewart. I think they are all at Caesars. Make reservations at STK in the cosmopolitan. But make sure it's a later dinner. We have been twice and going later makes it a completely different experience. It's like a party in a steakhouse! Finally, if you are REaLLY feeling adventurous, go to a club. We went to the Marquis Club at the Cosmopolitan. Music and dancing were so fun! People watching was so interesting! Man, I'm old!!!

  15. We go to Vegas annually and I always like to try new places, however we become creatures of habit when we find something we really like. Restaurant - Lavo at the Venetian (delicious Italian - I've been there on three separate occasions); Tao is there too and is also great. The Michael Jackson Cirque show One at Mandalay is really good, but I would recommend Love, the Beatles show at the Mirage. We saw that two years in a row. You don't have to be a fan of the Beatles - it is just magical.

  16. Oh, you have to watch Karate Kid, maybe you were deprived haha. But now you can enjoy them with your kids instead. Star Wars....eh, I could totally skip those although my husband loves them.



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