10 on 10 :: September 2016

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
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Here is a snapshot of the 10th which was Saturday.

Here is a sneak peek of our day:
One of my favorite things about Saturday mornings are that they are mellow!
Reading in bed with my cup of coffee & college football on in the background.
I cut some Hydrangeas from my front yard & put them in a vase on my kitchen table:
 My mother in law came over to take the kids on a bike ride, so Kevin and I went on a quick 3 mile run:
Flags up in honor of 9/11 on Sunday:
I can't believe it's been 15 years since 9/11. I will never forget that day.
Years ago, I wrote a blog post about 9/11 and the volunteer efforts I got to be a part of at Ground Zero. You can read about it {HERE}

 Leftover cupcakes from Claire's birthday on Friday. She wanted Funetti cupcakes & her favorite...Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes. The kids were begging for a cupcake after lunch.
 Cupcake Recipe {HERE}

Then I headed to the grocery store. Stocking up for the week. Some things on our meal plan for the week include: Salmon with fresh dill & lemon and served with asparagus and Fiesta Stuffed Bell Peppers. Recipe {HERE}
Do you spy the chocolate chips? I also have plans to make THESE Sea Salt Chocolate Chip cookies this week :)

After I got back from the store, it was time to watch the Colorado football game. Our live Buffalo, Ralphie runs the field before the players run out. Such a great tradition!
The game was a blow out (Colorado won 56-7...YEAH!!!) so Kevin & the kids swam for a bit.
Then we headed next door to our neighbors house. They were having a going away party for their daughter who is heading off to college this week. They had it catered by a Mexican place. Yummy tacos!
 Me & one of my neighbors, Denise. I am one of the tallest girls on the court & she is one of the shortest....she was standing up on the deck in this photo and we thought it was funny that we were the same height when she was standing on the deck.
 Our 10th was relaxing, productive & fun!

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. I loved that Harry Potter book/play.
    And, your chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes are one of our family favorites!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend! After reading this post all I can think is I need to go grocery shopping!

  3. What a fun little series! I love your outfit in that picture with your neighbor!



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