Chai Latte

When Kevin and I were dating, we used to go to Borders & sit in the cafe. We would get Chai Latte from the Borders cafe & then we would play cribbage (like old people. ha!) The Borders Cafe had the BEST chai lattes. They were SO good. Then, a tragedy happened. The Borders Cafe switched who they got their coffee & teas from! The new coffee & teas were not good & the chai latte was disgusting. It was such a bummer. We love chai lattes, especially during the fall & winter seasons.

I have been on the search for a chai latte that compares to the one that Borders used to carry. Starbucks, Peets, Tully's & Bagel Street all failed miserably. They were un-drinkable if you ask me! I thought I would never have a decent chai latte again. That is until my friend Lesly told me about Trader Joe's Spicy Chai Latte mix. One can is only about $3.99 (I think) It tastes EXACTLY like the ones we used to get at Borders. All you do is add a scoop of the mix & hot water! I like to add some (a lot) of whipped cream to mine!

I am enjoying a mug right now while listening to the rain pitter patter on the windows. Claire is asleep on my chest under the glow of our Christmas tree & Kevin is playing dolls with Kate.

Life is good.


10 on 10 :: December 2008

Here is my 10 on 10 for December:

Walking into my Classroom at 8am:

Breakfast of Champions in between classes at 9am:

View of Osage Park outside my classroom door:

This is what Kate was wearing when I picked her up from my Mother in Law's. Apparently Kate's diaper exploded this morning and got all over her clothes (and on my mother in law's jeans!) This outfit was the only backup Jill had. The jumper is size 6 months. oops. Guess I need to give her a back up outfit! Could her dress BE any shorter? ha!

Kate opening her mouth to show me her teeth. I noticed yesterday her 2 year molars on the bottom had come in.......i wonder how long ago they came in? I guess this could explain the waking up in the middle of the night, loss of appetite & runny diapers she has had the past 2 weeks. Sorry Kate...she got tylenol tonight!

I opened up the front door after lunch & what did I see? 4 UPS packages delivered to me!

One of the packages was from Bronners. 2 weeks ago, my friend Melissa (who has the same b-day as Claire & won our online baby guessing game) sent Claire a birthstone ornament that was blue and had snowflakes on it with a sapphire gemstone (not a REAL sapphire) in the middle of each snowflake. And, the ornament had Claire's name on it. Well, I loved the ornament so much I had to get Kate one also (because, you know in a few years she might feel left out that Claire has more ornaments than she does...I am just planning ahead people!!) Kate's is red for her January birthstone garnet. And, I got another one for a friend who had a baby this year...I am not saying who in case she is reading this :)

Claires's ornament:
Kate's ornament:

Claire Bear in her Santa hat:

Kate putting the next ornament on her Advent Tree before bedtime (she is really into wearing a Santa hat)


Tis the Season ..

To GIVE. Give to others that are not as fortunate as you.

My younger sister Becks sent me this video a few weeks ago & it is so moving. I get chills every time I watch it.

Here is a link to our friend Brian's Blog. He is a pastor at Bidwell Pres in Chico and has a great blog entry about different organizations & charities that you can give to this season.


Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This weekend we got our 6th annual Larson Christmas Tree. We headed down to good old Home Depot (sigh) to get our Christmas Tree. It is a little anti-climatic getting our tree at Home Depot because growing up Jimmy would take us girls up to the Santa Cruz Mountains to cut (or chain saw) down our Christmas Tree. Kevin and I continued this tradition until I got pregnant with Kate & the thought of going to cut down a tree at 8 months preggo was not fun. My parents & sisters took 3 years off going to cut down the tree until this year & they all went up to the mountains on Saturday to get a REAL tree while Kevin and I schlepped the girls to Home Depot. Next year we will up to the mountains & continue that fun tradition.

So, without further adieu, here is our Home Depot Tree 2008:

The tree before:
and after!

and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care.......


Lands End

My November Product of the Month is this great bag my cousin Allison sent me right after Kate was born. It is HUGE & has a zipper top & holds SO much stuff! I think I could fit Kate in one. Alli sent me another one for Claire & it came in the mail on Friday, just in time for our trip to Pebble Beach (that will be a whole new post, I am WAY too tired to blog about it now....)
The bag is from Lands' End and it makes a great new baby gift, birthday or Christmas present! The bags are made of thick canvas and are super sturdy. They come in tons of colors & you can get them personalized (which I love). It has pockets all along the inside. I was able to pack all their clothes, diapers & toys and it all zipped in nicely with room to spare! Mine are the X-Large size.

Thanks Alli for such an awesome & practical gift!


Retro Sisters

Remember my post the earlier this week called Retro Babies?

Come to find out, my mom actually had pictures of my sisters in the same outfit!

My younger sister Becks found a picture of her in it earlier this week after I posted on my blog & then I had my mom look to see if she had a picture of Elyse in it and she did! It's a miracle! Way to go mom!

Elyse 1977

Becky 1984


Retro Babies

My mom (who doesn't save ANYTHING) actually saved one of my baby outfits & she gave it to me after I had Kate. It is a Carter's sleeper from the 1970's. I am quite surprised how it has held up for almost 30 years.

Mel 1979

Kate 2007

Claire 2008


10 on 10 :: November 2008

Here is my 10 on 10 for November. 10 random pictures on the 10th day of the month!

Here is my 10 on 10 for November. 1o random pictures on the 10th day of the month!

This is what I woke up to today. A very sad Kate crying for her "Dada". Kevin had a work thing in Napa today & left the house before 7 am. Kate was obviously sad not to see her Daddy when she woke up and cried "I want Dada" for 5 minutes. It was sad, but cute.

This is what I needed to deal with a crying toddler. Coffee...heaven on earth.

Kate wanted to go potty. She didnt go potty, but had fun sitting on it & reading for about 10 minutes.

Kate on our way to the mall..I took the girls Christmas shopping today!

Kate when we got home from the mall...shopping is hard work!
Having fun with Claire when Kate was napping:
I cleaned out my closet & organized it while Kate & Claire were napping. My clothes are organized by color & by season. I am a dork :)

Kate carrying up the mail from the mailbox.
Filling up with gas today..SO excited to see gas for cheap! Who knew I could be so happy to fill up the Tahoe for under $70??

Kev and I watched our beloved 49ers on Monday night football tonight. They lost (not surprised) to the Arizona Cardinals. It was a great game. 

Kevin looks a lot like Arizona quaterback Kurt Warner, don't you think? It is his celebrity look alike!


Claire's Birth Announcement

Here is Claire's Birth Announcement that I made! I took all the pictures & then made the announcement in Photoshop. I made 6 different announcements for Claire & then had our families vote on them. This was the winner.

Here are the runner-ups:

My new hobby is designing birth announcements & invitations! I started designing invitations earlier this year for fun after I made Kate's 1st Birthday Party invite:

Then I had a couple of friends ask me to design baby shower invitations, so I did some of those in the spring. Then, I moved on to birth announcements this summer! I had 6 friends ask me to design birth announcements this summer. It was SO much fun! Now I am working on our Christmas Card! If you know of anyone who needs an invitation, birth announcement or card, let me know!


"Trick Treat"

Happy Halloween! We had a great Halloween. I had to go back to work today, but it ended up being a good day to go back because it was Halloween.

We had a busy night. Auntie El came by to give Kate an Elmo trick or treat pail. It was a big hit, Kate loved it & carried it with her all night. Then we stopped by to say hi to Papa & Grandma Jill. After that we went to see their cousins, Alexis & Kyle. We then trekked over to the Mitchell's for a party & trick or treating. We didn't think Kate would go trick or treating. Boy, were we wrong. She LOVED it. It was so cute seeing her walking down the street in her costume saying "trick treat". She seemed like such a big girl, it made Kevin and I kinda sad! To end the night we stopped by Grandpa Jimmy & Mimi's house. It was such a fun night!

With Auntie El
The whole family

Kate & Claire with their cousins Kyle & Alexis

Kate Trick or Treating, it took her so long to decide what to pick..Rolo or Recees. She made the right choice...Recees.
Kate and Taylor eating their treats!

Kate at the end of the night crawling around like a dog.....can you say sugar high?


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