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We had one of the busiest weekends ever.
Between both girls, we had 5 soccer games (in 95+ degree heat) and we had 2 birthday parties to attend. 
We are all wiped out, my kids were all in bed by 7:30 last night. 

Here is some THIS & THAT for your Monday:
THIS weekend my Colorado Buffaloes upset Oregon in football.
THAT win was huge for us. HUGE. We have been "rebuilding" for almost 15 years. It made me even more excited for our visit to Colorado next month for my college soccer reunion & also to go to a football game. I can't wait!

THIS has been my favorite mug for the past few years. I have the "m" and I give them as gifts all the time.
I heard THAT they are discontinuing them because they came out with THIS initial mug:

I love giving those initial mugs to my kids teachers & attaching THIS printable:
I would love it if a student gave me THAT new monogram mug to add to my collection. I think I will do THAT for my kids teachers this year for Teacher Appreciation!

THIS heat wave we are having here in California is awful. It was 97 today & will be 100 tomorrow.
Weather THAT is over 85 degrees makes me grumpy....especially when it is Fall. But, as I have said before, even though the calendar says Fall is here, I don't start putting out Fall decorations or make Fall recipes until October 1st. 
Clearly, California still thinks it is Summer. Ugh. #overit

THIS amazing Rodan + Fields deal ends THIS Friday!
You can also get results like THIS!
If you buy our Redefine Regimen & AMP Roller, you get a box of Acute care for FREE!

 THAT is not all......all new preferred customers until THIS Friday September 30 get a FREE eye cream, $20 cash back & 10% off our order!

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 All our products/tools come with a 60 day empty bottle 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose for trying it out!

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 In a few weeks I am heading to Las Vegas for our Rodan + Fields convention & we have a Gala on Saturday night. Mario Lopez & Andy Cohen are our 2 hosts for the evening and Meghan Trainer will be performing. SO excited! Which dress should I get for our gala
THIS....Dress #1

 or THAT....Dress #2

Since it is in Vegas, I am all about the sequins :)
Which one do you like best?

Last week was the start of Fall TV Premiere Week.
You can read my post about my Premiere Week TV Line Up HERE

 Several months ago they started showing previews for the new show "THIS is Us".
From the previews, I had high hopes for it.
I watched when it aired on Tuesday night.
It was so good THAT I watched it 2 more times this past week.
Once with my younger sister on Friday and then a 3rd time with Kevin this weekend.

It totally surpassed my expectations. And...my expectations were high!

I don't know the last time I was this obsessed with a TV show....and it's only been the pilot episode.
I have never watched a series premiere THREE times in one week.
But, THIS show? Yes.
The 1st episode will stay on my DVR until the end of time.
It is THAT good.

 If you haven't watched it yet, you need to...ASAP.
So, so good.

Don't forget What's Up Wednesday is THIS week.

Link up with  me, Sheaffer & Shay!

Here are the questions we answer the last Wednesday of each month:

Those are the questions & our bonus question is:

What is your favorite Fall recipe?  
Have a GREAT Monday.....and go watch THIS is Us!!!!


  1. 2nd dress! I love Andy Cohen- you're going to have so much fun!

  2. I love those initial mugs too! I think I got one from a friend for Christmas and it's my favorite! --Sarah :-)

  3. 2nd dress! How fun that gala will be! This is Us is so great, I can't wait for this weeks episode!

  4. This Is Us. Oh my word! Best Fall Show to date.

  5. I wore dress #1 to our auction last year...super comfortable & I loved it...too bad you're about 6 inches taller than me or I'd send it down ;)

  6. I am not a huge mug fan and I think it's funny that you are! Getting a mug is like getting an apple or chocolate! My parents cupboard is FILLED with them from the last 45 years and I'm happy I don't get them anymore-haha! That said, that new initial mug is pretty, think I might like THAT, too! A week ago we had 5 games, too. This past weekend was supposed to be 8, but one got rescheduled-I am EXHAUSTED and didn't even play soccer! And I love both dresses, get BOTH! ��

  7. both dresses are cute, but #1 is my vote

  8. Your fb post made me watch This is Us, and I loved it! Dress #2!!!

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