My Top 10 Favorite Chick Flicks

Kevin was out of town this weekend for a guys trip with some of his very best friends from his college years. While he was gone, each night I busted out the wine and watched some chick flicks.
I love chick flicks. The cheesier, the better!
I thought I would share my 10 favorite Chick Flicks.
These are movies that I can watch over and over and over again.....and never get sick of!
I chose these 10 because I own all of them, which means I have watched them over and over again.
In no particular order....
#10 Sleepless in Seattle

#9 Bridesmaids

#8 Father of the Bride

#7  The Notebook

#6 Sweet Home Alabama

#5 27 Dresses

 #4 13 Going on 30

#3 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
 #2 My Best Friends Wedding
 #1 You've Got Mail
Honorable Mentions:
Maid in Manhattan
Dirty Dancing
Pretty Women
Steel Magnolias

If I had to pick a favorite chick flick,  I couldn't just pick one.
It's probably a tie between You've Got Mail, My Best Friend's Wedding and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
Do you have any favorite chick flicks that aren't on my list?
Am I missing any good ones?
What is your favorite Chick Flick?


  1. Definitely Sweet Home Alabama and Bridesmaids. I laughed so hard at Bridesmaids till my stomach hurt. So wrong, but so funny! Heather

  2. Those are some great ones, but I love Never Been Kissed and The Wedding Singer!

  3. Those are a lot of my favorites too! I still haven't seen Bridesmaids. I also love One Fine Day and Runaway Bride. And unlike every woman in America, I don't love the Notebook! But I do love A Walk To Remember

  4. These are some classics! :) I never fail to laugh during How to lose a guy in 10 days!! :) Love girly movies! :)
    :) Rebecca

  5. I love your picks! Say Anything is my favorite chick flick!

  6. Sweet Home Alabama is by far my favorite but 2nd would be Steel Magnolias. SM was on the other day and I laughed like I was watching it for the first time!

  7. You picked all the good ones! Sweet Home Alabama is my all-time favorite, but Father of the Bride is a close second.

  8. Don't forget The Holiday - Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Black, and Kate Winslet. MY FAV!!!!

  9. Under the Tuscon sun, Medicine Man, and this site list alot good chick flicks.......http://mom.me/home/2214-50-greatest-chick-flicks-of-all_time/#!/home/2214-50-greatest-chick-flicks-of-all_time/item/under-tuscan-sun/

  10. Oh, I love love love 13 Going on 30 (how can you not adore Mark Ruffalo in that movie!?!) and My Best Friend's Wedding! Two other faves are Notting Hill and Return to Me with Minnie Driver and David Duchovny...have you seen that one? I bet you'd like it too!

  11. My favorite chick flick is An Affair to Remember. It's definitely an oldie but it's so good, it's almost timeless.

  12. I love every single movie above. Every single one!!! You're a girl after my own heart!

  13. You've Got Mail is my very favorite. And I still cry every single time I watch it!

  14. I love all of these, also... Something Borrowed. I watch that one a lot :)

  15. I love me some 80's chick flicks, my favorite lately is Safe Haven & Pitch Perfect

  16. I love all of these, especially You've Got Mail.

  17. Most of these are in my top faves too. I could never pick a number one fave.

    Bed of Roses would be one I have absolutely adored for years.

  18. You and I could totally watch movies together. Love all of the ones you mentioned here. Now to seal the deal, do you drink red wine? ;)

  19. 13 Going on 30 and My Best Friend's Wedding are two of my all-time favorite movies!

  20. Aw, I forgot about '13 Going on 30'...such a cute one!
    I also love 'You've Got Mail' & 'Father of the Bride'...my other favs are 'P.S. I Love You', 'The Holiday', and 'It's Complicated'.

  21. My faorite chick flick movies are hope floats and when a man loves a women! love them

  22. Dirty Dancing!!! And Hope Floats, and the Holiday... does Top Gun count???

  23. I love the Proposal. It's so hilarious and adorable.

  24. Dirty Dancing. Fo sho. And someone mentioned Under the Tuscan Sun... LOVE that one!

  25. All the ones you mentioned are great! One I love that isn't on your list is PS I love you.... I always cry from start to finish when I watch it, but it's a good cry!

  26. PITCH PERFECT!!!! It gets under your skin. You will watch it, then download the music, then listen to the music and want to watch it again!

  27. You know dear my choice is exactly same as you for the selection of the best chick flicks. I am a great fond of these movies and I never get bored by these evergreen chick flicks. Thanks buddy for making me friendly to your blog.



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