10 on 10 :: October 2017

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
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9 years ago on October 10, 2008, I participated with 10 on 10 for the very first time.
It was super small & only a handful of people even knew about it.
My blog was only 2 months old and I thought it was such a fun idea to document my day every hour for 10 hours. My little Claire Bear was only 1 month old. Kate was 20 months old.
 Since that very first time I did 10 on 10, I was hooked.
For the past NINE years, every month, I have documented the 10th day of the month.
I haven't missed a month yet!!!
I have been a couple days late posting my 10 on 10 but I have still documented the 10th of each month. Sometimes life just gets busy & I don't have time to post on the actual 10th.
I love looking back on the 10th of each month and seeing the beauty in the ordinary days.
It is so neat to look back on some of those early years of doing 10 on 10 when I was in the thick of it with parenting 2 kids under 2.  How far we've all come!
Here is a sneak peek at our day...my 108th time doing 10 on 10!
It is conference week at school, so I knew today would be a crazy day.
I taught 2 classes & then at break had my breakfast. 
I have a bar for breakfast everyday....I am loving the Rx Bars...the pumpkin spice is seasonal & it is yummy! While I ate my breakfast, I graded some quizzes & homework packets.
 Then I taught 2 more classes...we had early dismissal & then conferences in the afternoons.  
I went and picked up Luke from school & headed to drop him off at my mom's so she could watch him while I had my conferences. The girls wanted to walk from school to my mom's....we passed them on the way there. I pulled over to give them a ride...they said they wanted to walk :)
 After my conferences, I went home to grab a quick lunch and to start a batch of Grammy's Split Pea Soup in my Instant Pot. One batch of this will be my lunches for a week. 
 I went back to my parents house to pick up the kids....you could see all the smoke from all the fires up in Santa Rosa, Napa & Sonoma.
 We live an hour from the fires, but even our town is filled with smoke.
 Sports practices here are cancelled & our kids aren't allowed outside for recess or PE because it's so bad. I can't imagine what it's like up in Santa Rosa/Sonoma/Napa. 
 So many friends have lost EVERYTHING. It's really bad & really scary.

 Then we headed to the library to pick up some books that had arrived:
 Then I dropped the kids off at my in laws for an hour because I had a dentist appointment.
 After my dentist appointment, I picked up the kids.
I was supposed to coach Claire's soccer practice, but it got cancelled because of the smoky air, so we baked instead. We made Pumpkin Bread & Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins.
The kids Halloween costumes arrived, so Claire wanted to try hers on :)
 It was time for dinner...I made Chicken Teriyaki & Broccoli in my Instant Pot.
I use my  Instant Pot so much. I used it 2x today...such a time saver!
Kevin read the kids Harry Potter (they are on book 4) and I cleaned up the kitchen, made lunches for the next day and sat down to watch TV with a glass of wine.
I made myself stop watching the news...so devastating. I watched a Hallmark Fall Movie called Falling for Vermont. Yes, Hallmark has Fall movies. Love it. Then I watched This is Us and then went to bed emotionally exhausted from watching & reading about all the fires :(

Hope you had a great 10th & thanks for following along on my 10 on 10 posts every single month for the past 9 years.
And, please keep Northern California in your prayers.
Santa Rosa, Sonoma & Napa are in flames.
100,000 acres of land are burning.
Homes are gone. Neighborhoods are gone. 
People lost everything without warning and only have the clothes on their back.
Beautiful wine roads and family vineyards are gone.
Hotels, hospitals & stores burned down.
Thousands upon thousands being evacuated.
We are doing a gift card donation drive, message me if you would like to send one. Most of all, pray for those who lost their homes & the firefighters...it's less than 5% contained. 
My cousin is a firefighter and is there.
We need the wind to stop and we need rain.
Please pray.


  1. I just love these posts!! They're some of my very favorite you do!

  2. I love my Instant Pot too, such a time saver! Prayers to Northern CA, I can't even imagine...

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  3. Praying for California... it is just so heartbreaking. :( Looks like a fun but busy day!

  4. I have stopped watching the news too. I sat down with Marc to watch the Nightly News the other night and when it was over, I was upset and filled with anxiety. I told him that the older I get, the less I feel like I am able to handle hurricanes -- earthquakes -- mass shootings -- Trump -- North Korea -- wildfires. I have always felt that we need to be educated and aware of current events but it has become so overwhelming. I don't know what the right answer is but I do know that California definitely needs our prayers right now.

  5. I could smell the smoke in Castro Valley today. It was like standing next to a campfire. Praying for the firefighters and those who lost so much.

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  9. This is such a neat idea for a post! I may do 11 on the 11th in November. Praying for California. A friend of mine's brother lost his house and everything in it. :(



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