Praying for Vegas

I was going to blog about something else today.
You see, we had an amazing weekend at my niece's wedding.
It was a beautiful wedding, full of love and family.
I was excited for the first week of October (my favorite month)
I was excited to decorate for Fall & bake pumpkin bread.
And then you wake up and hear the news about Las Vegas. 
It is shocking. And Scary. And everything else seems so trivial.
I am Heartbroken & Speechless.
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 This one hits close to home.
I have a good friend who was at the concert, thankfully she & her husband decided to skip the final night.
Earlier on Sunday, she posted photos of them there. So glad she is safe.

I was supposed to leave for Vegas this Thursday for the Rodan + Fields convention, but had to cancel my trip a few weeks ago because of Staff Development & math meetings that I have at school & can't miss.
I'm sad that things like this keep happening.
I'm sad that there is an element fear when you go to school, or a movie or a concert or any really any public place.
It's sad & it's scary.
But we can't let fear rule our lives, so I remind myself to pray for peace. 
And I will also.....
 Pray for the community of Las Vegas.
Pray for the victims & their families.
Pray for the families who lost loved one.
Pray for the police, first responders & medical staff at the hospitals.
Pray that Jesus would wrap HIS loving arms around them and comfort them.
Pray that God would give them a peace that surpasses all understanding.
Hug your loved ones extra tight.
Jesus, come quickly.
Come heal this broken world of ours.


  1. a friend of mine was there with her daughter, and a few other friends. I texted her right when I woke up and tread about what happened. They were at the airport getting ready to fly home. She said 2 of her friends were scratched up by flying plastic from broken chairs being hit by bullets. Life is scary right now. Praying for everyone.

  2. Your last two words say it all!
    My heart is saddened by it too. My God bring comfort and peace to those affected.

    1. *I meant to say those last two sentences say it all.

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