If Wicked is playing in your city, GO!!!!
It was awesome! I had no idea what to expect & didn't really know the story behind the musical, so I had no expectations. It was SO, SO, SO good! Kevin and I can't stop talking about it!
We had a great afternoon & evening (and it was nice being in the city where it was 20 degrees cooler!)
Kevin protesting my request for him to be in a picture!
We had a great time at dinner with YUMMY wine!
Yay for a night out!


  1. how funny that we just had a night out in the city too! you're not kidding about the temp change! :)

  2. Someone at work this morning JUST asked me if I had ever seen that musical. How long was it?

  3. it was exactly 3 hours (including the intermission). I didn't feel like it was that long! I was totally captivated the entire time! Kevin loved it also & he isn't really a "musical/theater" person!



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