Monterey Bay Aquarium

Today we went to the Aquarium on our way to Pebble Beach!
I was surprised how crowded the Aquarium was, there were people (and strollers) EVERYWHERE! We even had to wait in line about 15 minutes to get in!
The first exhibit we went to was the sea otters:
Kate was a big fan of the otters, she didn't like it when they came right up to the glass.
Then we went outside to check out the view!

They had a special sea horse exhibit going on. I thought sea horses were about 2 feet tall. I was surprised that they are only about 6 inches tall! Guess I should have paid more attention in science class....
This is a leafy sea horse:
Next up was the Outer Bay Tank. Kate and Claire LOVED watching the fish, stingrays & sharks swim around!

The jelly fish exhibit was next. I think they were my favorite!

While we walked over the the Ocean Edge's section, there were lots of random fish exhibits to look at:
This was on the ceiling:
Kate was tired at this point & since Kevin was carrying Claire, Kate insisted on getting in Claire's infant seat. I got a lot of strange looks as I pushed her in it....
The Kelp Forest in the Ocean's Edge section was pretty amazing also.

Next up was the penguins. We were there during feeding time. All the peguins lined up while they waited for their fish. The penguins were Kate's favorite exhibit!

Next we went to the touch pools where you could touch Bat Rays, star fish & sea urchin. It was very crowded, so we waited until it was our turn. As soon as it was our turn, this guy moves Claire's stroller & cuts in front of us. So rude! Then, this is the view we got of him after he cut in front of us. He was so rude & that is why I am posting this picture of him! haha!

Warning: This next picture shows crack. Cover your eyes!!
Say NO to Crack!!
Kate wasn't quite sure what to think about that guy.....HYSTERICAL!
Moving on...
Our final stop at the Aquarium was the tide pools.

Then we went for a walk on Cannery Row to get some lunch (a very late lunch!)

We had clam chowder bread bowls for lunch from this cute place on the pier. Yum!
We had a great time playing around on the pier looking at the awesome views of the ocean.

We had a fun time & it was a great way to kick off our weekend in Carmel!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I haven't been there in years, I forgot how amazing all that sea life is.

    Can you believe some people?! I mean really, pushing a child's stroller out of the way? C'mon now.

  2. Okay, so I was totally laughing at the crack picture and then the next one with Kate's look on her face! Too funny!

  3. Hooray! The aquarium is awesome. Kate and Maddie are at the perfect age to enjoy it! Hope Pebble Beach is/was awesome.

  4. Wow, you got tons of good pictures. We just watched Seven Pounds and thats all I could think about seeing those jelly fish.

    The crack picture is hysterical...to bad there's not a way for him to see that post...oh well...at least you feel justice was served. :)

  5. Grace said she thought that man needed his diaper changed. I miss the aquarium.



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