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Happy Friday!
Today I'm linking up with Friday Favorites!
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Earlier this month, Luke was Star of the week:
It was his favorite week of the school year.
Here is the amazing poster he made in class with his teacher.
Can we talk about his favorite animal?!?!!
Proof that Luke is clearly my child: “My favorite animals are pigs because they are made of bacon"
Another cute thing is that when we asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he said:
This was his response:
“I want to be a Vet because I want to help pets. But I don’t want to be a Vet because I don’t want to see gross stuff. I think I’ll just be a Dad who works at Rockin Jump”
5 year olds are my favorite.

These wood signs are my favorite. My friend Jenn makes them from recycled fence boards (her husband owns a fencing company) She doesn't ship, but if you are local you can get some.
Here is the St. Patty's one I got for this year:

Here is my Easter one that I just put out this week since St. Patty's Day is over & Easter is next weekend:
Remember Kate's Painting Party?
  I had her party at Jen's warehouse :)

Our elementary School Auction was last weekend & this event is always a favorite.
 The theme was Boots, Buckles & Bling,
 I wore a black lace dress (similar...I got mine last season) and I got these boots here. Added a sparkly necklace for some bling.

 It's always such a fun night raising money for our kids school.
 These fellow 3rd grade moms are my favorite. Since our girls were in TK we have been watching every season of The Bachelor/Bacherlotte together. 
 I just adore them & their kids.

I have been running again! I started running a couple months ago & I forgot how much I love it.
I am going to run another half marathon in a couple months.
This new running shirt is my favorite.
I got it HERE. 
She has tons of options like tacos & wine instead of pizza.
Is this shirt me or what? #givemeallthepizza
Happy Friday Night Pizza Night :)
I also got new running shoes since my other ones were 2 years old and I have run over 400 miles on them. These are my new shoes. I LOVE them!

 Yesterday was World Water Day. For the past 5 years during this time of year, we particpate in the World Vision 6k Run/Walk for Water.
 6k is about 3.7 miles & the distance kids in Africa have to walk each day for water. Our 6k race registration gave water for life to a child in Africa and our race bibs have their name and photo on it. We love this event and my kids look forward to it each year because they know they are helping out kids in Africa. The girls ran the entire 6k. Huge shout out to my older sister who organizes this event each year. Over $35,000 was raised because of the event.
The event for our area was on St. Patty's Day this year.
Most of the other cities are doing this event on Saturday May 19th, so you can click HERE to find host cities.
I highly recommend participating!
Luke insisted on wearing his leprechaun hat. I joined in the theme with him and wore my St Patty's headband.

Can you believe Easter is one week from Sunday?
Here are some of our FAVORITE Easter activities that you can do with your kids this week to get you in the Easter Spirit! Many of these will help you focus on the true meaning of Easter....that Jesus died on the cross for all of us and rose again 3 days later.  Some of the other activities are just for fun!

Planting Jelly Beans
We do this on Good Friday & have the lollipops appear on Easter Sunday representing that God has taken the old and given us new life. 
 You can read Luke Chapter 18 in the Bible with this activity.
 Talk about how Jesus’s body was laid in the tomb then on the 3rd day was raised from the dead and lived again.
Bunny Prints:
 On our front walkway made with flour  (or chalk) on Easter Morning:

Bunny Trail 
(Marshmallows leading them to their Easter Baskets)
Empty Tomb Easter Cookies with Scripture 
(Recipe & Instructions HERE

Resurrection Rolls:

(Recipe HERE)

Easter Egg Coupons:
Instead of filing eggs with candy, you can add these coupons to some of your kids eggs!
My girls LOVE getting these in their eggs!

Download them HERE if you haven't already!
These are a HIT at Easter. My girls can't wait to find the coupon eggs!

 Tie Dyed Easter Eggs:

{Instructions HERE}
You can see our tie-dyed eggs from 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014
Last year I tried dying eggs with Cool Whip. I saw it on Buzz Feed and want to try it with my kids! It didn't work...the color barely showed up. I am going to try again this year.

Happy Easter to one of my favorite Peeps Printable:

Get the printable {HERE}

Bunny Tails Easter Popcorn:
This is one of my kids favorite Easter Treat:
Recipe {HERE}

You've been Egged Printable:
A couple years ago, I posted a "You've Been Egged" Printable.
We have had so much fun "egging" our friends & this is our FAVORITE Easter activity.
We can't wait to do it again this year!
Download it {HERE}

Go to Target ASAP to get plastic Easter Eggs! You can get a 12 pack of plastic eggs for less than $1.

March Madness.....this is my FAVORITE time of year!!!
I LOVE it. I have done a bracket every year for the past 20+ years.
This year my bracket is officially busted:
 I am in charge of my school staff bracket every year.
We also have our kids fill out brackets.
Parenting tip: Have your kids fill out brackets & make it a friendly family competition.
For the past 6 years we created online family pool & let the kids their own pick brackets.
They love it & this way they don't mind that we have college basketball constantly on the TV during March Madness #parentsoftheyear
The winner gets to chose where we get frozen yogurt/ice cream (all 5 of us have different places we like) and the winner doesn't have to do any chores for a week :)
It looks like Claire is going to win our family pool this year.
Got to start them young in gambling ;)

Are you doing a bracket?
Who do you have winning? 

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You also get a FREE Sunless Tanner!!
This always sells out in the Spring, get yours now!
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Look at Hayley's incredible results in 2 months:
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Lash boost is incredible.
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Such an awesome deal!
Email me for more info:

  Luke lost his first tooth this week!
 We didn't even know he had a loose tooth. 
Luke is 5 1/2....the girls didn't loose their first tooth until they were closer to 6 1/2.
He woke up and said he had a wiggly tooth, then less than an hour later it fell out while eating breakfast!

Kate has been gone all week at 5th grade overnight camp (we miss her SO much!!! She gets home this afternoon)
As soon as Luke's tooth fell out he said:
“I lost my first tooth! This is the BEST day of my life!!! I just wish Kate was here to show her”

My mother in law whipped up this cute tooth fairy pillow for him that afternoon. 
(She also made the girls tooth fairy pillows)
Here is Kate's:
Here is Claire's:
Here is Luke's:
 Luke wanted it to have a baseball theme, so the tooth pocket on the back is a baseball.

When Kate lost her first tooth 5 years ago I had the idea of  leaving a tooth fairy receipt.
The girls have lost a combined 20 teeth....that is a lot of receipts I've made! LOL!
Of course I have to continue this tradition for Luke :) 
With the girls I left glitter dollars the first few times...no more. 
Ain't nobody got time for that ;)

We give our kids $2 for the first tooth & $1 for all the others.
 Being the Tooth Fairy is my favorite!

The Tooth Fairy left Luke a $2 bill for his first tooth.
He was so excited in the morning that he had money & a note.
The Tooth Fairy receipt is super easy to make. It only takes about 5 minutes.

On Monday I posted my FAVORITE items from Trader Joe's.

There is also a $100 Trader Joe's gift card giveaway on that post!
Giveaway ends on Sunday. Enter HERE if you haven't already!

Happy Friday & have a GREAT weekend!


  1. I love your Easter traditions!! But I can’t help but think about your Elf on the Shelf story when I saw the Dum Dums planted! 😉 Happy Friday, friend!

  2. I am a new reader and a teacher in the East Bay too! My daughter will be turning 11 in May. Would you mind sharing more info on your friend's warehouse? I think she would love that for her party. Thanks!

  3. Congrats to your son! He likes pigs for the same reason I do.
    I really like that "You've been Egged" idea. I'm going to keep it in mind for Easter next year.



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