Miscellaneous Monday

 Happy Monday! 
Today I am calling it miscellaneous Monday...here is some randomness for you on this Monday.

Today is Pi Day! It's 3.14...Math nerds unite!
In honor of Pi Day, here are some of my favorite PIE recipes!

What is your favorite kind of pie?

Bachelor Finale is TONIGHT!
 Are you Team JoJo or Team Lauren?
I have no idea who Ben is going to pick. 
I like both girls, so I don't have a strong opinion either way!

Also on tonight is The Voice!
This is the first season I have ever watched it.
The reason I am watching is because a friend of mine tried out!
Her name is Grace...she was my student in 7th grade, my Teacher's Aide in 8th grade, I was her soccer coach all 4 years of high school and now she babysits our kids! 
She has an amazing voice...so proud of her for following her dreams!
She hasn't been on the show yet, but tonight is the final segment of the blind auditions so we will know if she makes it tonight...I am hoping they air her audition!
We've been waiting the past 2 weeks to see if she made it!
I'm more excited to watch The Voice tonight than I am to watch The Bachelor!

St. Patty's Day is in 3 days!
I can't believe how fast March is flying by.
Do you have any St. Patty's Day Traditions?
 We do!
Every year for St. Patty's day, the leprachaun visits our house...he leaves a box of Lucky Charms (which is a treat because it's a sugar cereal)
 He dyes their milk green & leaves a map with a trail of gold coins to a treasure. The treasure is usually something small like candy, a new book or coloring supplies.
 For St. Patty's Dinner I make Guinness Stew Recipe {HERE}
I serve it with Smashed & Loaded Potatoes, Irish Soda Bread, a green veggie & Green Bee!
I am part Irish, but I don't like Corned Beef & Cabbage, so that is why I make this stew :)

If you need a cute little St. Patrick's Day gift to give,  here is what we are giving my girls teachers this week with a Starbucks card inside. It is the end of the trimester & conference week, so it is a crazy week for teachers. I think they will appreciate it :)
Back of the Teacher version:
You can download the free printable HERE.

There are 2 versions.
One that says "I'm so lucky to have a friend like you" and one that says "I'm so lucky to have a teacher like you"

Ugh.....Daylight Savings. 
One of my least favorite days of year. 
 I know it's only 1 hour of sleep lost, but it totally messes with my kids sleep schedules.
Plus, last night our power went out at 2am  & it woke up 2 of our kids, so then I was wide awake at 2am. Getting up this morning was ROUGH.
It's the week following Daylight Savings that is the hardest.
My kids are not used to it being so light out when it's time to eat dinner and get ready for bed.
 We usually start bedtime at 7pm & they are in bed by 7:30.
But now it is still totally light out at that time. 
Hoping the next few days/nights are easier for bedtime and waking up!

 So, there's a little Monday Miscellaneous for you! 


  1. Why does it feel like so much more than just one hour we're losing?? It's also a difficult subject to explain to kids!

  2. Oh my! The pie! They look delicious friend!!!

  3. Lol! OMG, don't get me started on Daylight Savings. Jillian has been a bear these last 2 days trying to get her up for school.

  4. I can't wait to make that guinness stew again this year! So yummy, and I don't even use the guinness!

  5. Ugh..DST is the WORST. We moved from Arizona who does not participate in the dreaded evil ritual to Indiana, who is EST but should be Central time. In the summer, the sun does not set until AFTER 9:30pm. It's great for those who don't have kids. AND then the school administration added "balanced" calendar so the kids are back in school July 28th, so GOOD LUCK getting them to sleep while the sun's shining in their window at 9:30pm till September...

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