Summertime {and Classoom} Survival

This post is brought to you by Puffs and BlogHer.

 Having 3 kids means that we have cleaned up a lot of messes this summer.

And, I mean a lot.

My girls are getting more independent and wanting to do more things on their own.

For instance, this summer the girls have been wanting to make their own PB & J sandwiches for lunch. It works out for me, I feed Luke his lunch while the girls make their PB&J.

But the mess. Oh, the mess they make. It is a disaster area after they are done making their sandwiches. Peanut Butter...all over the table. Jam....all over their hands.

It's a sticky, sticky, mess.

And, Luke loves to sit in his high chair and randomly throw his sippy cup of milk from time to time.
Milk splatters on the floor, the windows & the cabinets.
Good times.

A few weeks ago, Bounty Paper Towels & Puffs Tissues sent me a Summer Survival Kit to help me with me with cleaning up the messes my kids make this summer.

I have been using these products for years, so I was more than happy to post about them. Bounty is my go-to paper towel, they absorb more than the other paper towels, which is handy because my girls spill AT LEAST 1 glass of milk a week. And, don't even get me started on how much I love Puffs tissues. In my mid-20's I came down with allergies every Spring and Puffs tissues were the only ones that were soft enough. They are the best. They are the only brand I buy for my family, especially since my girls are prone to getting colds during the school year. 

And, speaking of the school year, just 2 more weeks until school starts for us.


Did you know that a survey of our nation's teachers conducted by Bounty and Puffs, in partnership with Wakefield Research, found that it can take only 35 minutes for students to make a mess in their clean classroom?

Well, if you are like me and teach middle school, that means I have a new group of students every 45 minutes. So, if it takes 35 minutes to make a mess, I only have 10 minutes in between classes to clean up the mess and get ready for the new mess. And, don't even get me started on cold & flu season....I have 150 students. The amount of tissue boxes I go through in a week in my classroom during the cold/flu season is ridiculous!

Do you want to help out your child's teacher?

Enter their school into the Back to School Sweepstakes for a chance to win a year supply of Bounty and Puff for the entire school!!!!! That would be AMAZING!

As a teacher and a Mom, I would LOVE to win a year supple of Bounty & Puffs!
Enter their school into the Back to School Sweepstakes for a chance to win a year-supply of Bounty and Puffs for the entire school! How awesome would that be!
The first 100,000 entrants who submit an eligible entry will each receive a coupon valid for $2.50 off the purchase of one Puffs AND one Bounty product.
Visit Bounty or Puffs to find out more.


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