Get Pin-Spired #8

Here we go, our 8th Pin-spired link up!
I am excited about this month's link up because we are getting out of summer and heading into Fall.
If you remember my last Pin-spired post, I posted about how my summer outfits were so boring because I mostly live in my swimsuit and I am in lazy bum mode since I am off school for the summer.
Since I am a teacher, I don't have to go to work and we have a pool in our backyard, I pretty much wear a bathing suit for 90% of the summer. The other 10% is shorts, tank tops & the occassional sundress.

Every year, a few weeks before school starts, I go through my closet.
I get rid of and donate clothes I haven't worn in a while and I also go through my closet to figure out what outfits I can put together for the school year.

This year, after I cleaned out my closet & checked out all my clothes, I jumped on Pinterest to get inspired to put together fun outfits for Back to School.

One thing I kept seeing over and over again, was adding a statement necklace to outfits. 
Most of the outfits that caught my eye & that I had pinned,  had a statement necklace.

I got a fun coral bubble-y statement necklace last year and I realized that I could use that exact same necklace to reproduce several different looks.

So, here are 5 outfits that I have Pinned & then recreated all using my favorite Coral Statement necklace that I got at Local Boutique almost a year ago.

Outfit #1 - White Crop Pants, Navy/White Striped Shirt, Navy Cardigan & Coral Statement Necklace.
Original Pin:

My recreation (My cardi & tank look black in this photo, but they are navy)
Navy Cardigan {here} // Tank Top {here} // White Crop Pants {here} // Sandals {here}

Pin #2  - Purple/Black/Coral
My recreation....I wore a purple-y maxi skirt (because I don't have that color pants)
Loved this color combo, with the pop of coral. It was fun!
Maxi Skirt {here} // Black Tank {here} // Sandals {here}

Outfit #3  - Black Dress, Denim Jacket, Statement Necklace
Original Pin:
My re-creation:
And.....I decided to be even more bold & wear my cheetah flats! Who am I?!? ;)
Dress {here} // Denim Jacket {here} // Cheetah Flats {here}

Outfit #4 - Mint Green pants, Navy shirt, Nude Heels, Statement Necklace
Original Pin:
My re-creation (my top looks black, but it is navy}
Pants {here} // Navy Shirt {here} // Nude Heels {here}
Outfit #5 - Crop Jeans, Stripe Shirt, Blazer, Statement Necklace
Original Pin:
 My re-creation:
Blazer {here} // Striped Tank {here} // Jeans {here} // Heels {here}

My little assistant wanted a photo with me :)
 Kate's dress is from {here}

 This was one of my favorite months of Pin-Spired.
I really loved creating outfits for my coral necklace.
I didn't buy any clothes this month...all the clothes I already had in my closet!

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  1. All five are such pretty outfits on you! I love the last photo of you and Kate, both in stripes :) Happy Labor Day weekend!

  2. Fabulous outfits!! Love the statement necklace, how versatile!

  3. I can't decide which is my favorite this month! The first outfit is really great with the navy and orange :)

  4. Loved all of your outfits!!! Great job!

  5. What do you not look good in?!?! You rocked all 3 looks! I loved the pic of you and Kate too :).

  6. I love the matching outfits on you and Kate! Lex and I like to match too. :D

  7. Your necklace looks amazing with every single thing!

  8. Love all your looks and may be pinning some of them too!! Is it too nosey to ask how tall you are? I love your heals, but I hate being taller than my hubby (I'm 5'11''). Someone needs to design a shoe line with short heals!! :-)

  9. I have a coral statement necklace and I always struggle with what to wear with it! Thanks!

  10. I love the last outfit! How do you find outfits on pinterest with items you already have? Do you just search "green pants" or "statement necklace"? I have a hard time finding outfit ideas that include things I already own.

  11. Love the look with the green pants the most! So cute!

  12. Love all of these, but I think the green pants are my fave, too! Such great outfits!

  13. I love all of these! I so need to do this with some of the outfits I have pinned. Definitely gets you thinking about alternative outfits!



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