Luke's 1st Haircut

Luke's hair has been looking a little shaggy for the past few months, but I just couldn't bring myself to get it cut until he was 1 year old. 
The girls didn't get haircuts until they were about 2 and I know how much older kids look when they get their hair cut, so I wanted to hold out until he was 1.
When I was at the store the week of his birthday, one of the cashier's who was a teenager told me that my baby looked like Justin Bieber. That wasn't the first person who has told me that, Luke totally had the Biebs hair. Luke's hair has been getting so long that the girls were putting bows in it to keep it out of his face. Plus, Kevin was threatening to shave Luke's head if I didn't get it cut.
Yesterday was the big day. I didn't think much of it. 
I wasn't emotional at all. Boys have short hair. No big deal.
{His first lock of hair}

But as she was cutting it, I noticed how much older Luke was starting to look and my heart started racing. He was looking like a big boy.
Then she finished up and put gel in his hair and I about died. 
He was no longer a baby. He looked like a 3 year old.
Luke didn't cry during his haircut, but I did!!!  

Who knew that getting a haircut would make him look so old?!?!?!
I wanted to cry. 
She did a great job on his hair cut, but I can't believe how much older he looks.
I wish I would have just gotten him a little trim. Hindisight is always better.

Luke loves his hair cut.
Why didn't anyone warn me that when you give your  boy their first haircut it would make them turn into a little man?!?! I had girls first, I didn't know this info!!
I mean seriously. I do not have a baby anymore. I have an adorable TODDLER.
When I got him from his crib this morning, my heart jumped in my throat because I am not used to seeing such a big baby in the crib.
I know it's just hair, but I am eager for it to grow out a little bit so he doesn't look so old.
Bye Bye Baby. Hello Big Boy.


  1. Oh my gosh he looks so adorable with his new hair cut

  2. Already told you this, but I teared up when I saw him at school! Seriously. Liam is right around the corner and I'm making him stay a baby for as long as I can ;) Kieran had a mullet thing going on when he was a baby, there were curls at the bottom that I just couldn't resist and yes, he turned into a boy, too. Liam's not ready for a first cut yet, but his first tooth appeared this morning!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! What a difference! And what an absolutely adorable little boy! :) I am dreading Jonah's first hair cut! :( Why do they have to grow so fast? Hang in there Mama!

    Breanna :)

  4. Oh, I so understand. My little boy is almost 3 and I still get really upset when they cut his hair too short. I just can't handle him looking so old and grown up!
    Luke is such a cutie! I love how she spiked his hair in the front! :)

  5. OH MY GAWD. HIS HAIR IS SO FREAKING CUTE. What a big boy!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. He looks so cute! You're right, his haircut made a HUGE difference in the way he looks!

  7. Wow! He certainly does look older, but still a handome little guy! Our little man has a way to go before needing his first haircut. He's got peachfuzz everywhere else, but the back may need some work to avoid the mullet look- ha! The certificate is precious!

  8. He DOES look like a big boy! And ADORABLE big boy!!

  9. Wow! That totally did change his look! It's super adorable though. :-)

  10. I so feel you! My baby turned one June 5th. I have yet to get his hair cut. His hair looks a bit like Luke's, but longer with a little curl to the ends. I have two boys and he will be our last. Trying to enjoy it as much as I can. I will have to cut it soon though. :)

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  12. The haircut is so, so, so, so, so cute!!!! I love it! You totally did the right thing...he looks ADORABLE!

  13. What a cutie!! My son is 2.5 and I still hate giving him haircuts. He always looks so much older! I hate it.

  14. It doesn't matter if you let it grow out, once you have that first cut, they always look like a boy! I'm glad to see there are some differences between girls and boys!

  15. How stinking adorable is he?!!?! You are right - he looks so much older.

    Lucky for me, Camden is a baldy. After reading this post - I hope he stays that way ;)

  16. He is so cute! He does look older but so adorable!

  17. Awe :) It looks so cute!! But he does look a lot older!

  18. I know I'll cry when my children get their first haircuts!! He looks adorable though!

  19. So hard to watch our babies grow up! Especially the last. It DOES look adorable though!

  20. Sweet buddy! He does look so much bigger! But just a cute as ever. I know I'll be the same way- there is no shame in crying my friend. ;) Hope you guys have a great weekend!


  21. Oh he really does look so much bigger!! And I LOVE that last outfit!! I'm expecting right now, and you're giving me hope for boys clothes!

  22. I have bald boys! My first didn't have his first haircut until January when he was 2.75, and just had his second in August. I learned the big boy haircut lesson from reading blogs! So, I made a point to ask my aunt (who cut his hair) to make it wispy and soft. It definitely aged him a bit, but didn't feel so harsh. That first cut is emotional. Luke does look adorable though!

  23. Luke looks like Justin Bieber after his haircut #socute



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