It's looking like Fall

You have finally arrived.
I love you so much.

And, you brought your Fall weather with you.
70's all week = heaven.

I have been waiting for October to come so I can put out ALL of my Fall Decorations.
You can never have too many pumpkins on your front porch (I have 6)
My mums have been planted:
Gourds & Pumpkins on the kitchen table..
Nothing says Fall like pumpkins!
Our new house has this bay window in our kitchen, it made a lovely place to display more Fall decorations!
Like a tray of mini pumpkins....
And, a vase of pumpkins on a vine!
A pumpkin made out of twigs (and, it lights up at night!)
More gourds & pumpkins on my kitchen island....
I spy another pumpkin in my Family Room...
And, 3 jack o lanterns on our built-ins...
And, a pumpkin patch sign...
Yes, I am aware that it looks like pumpkins have thrown up over my house & I am totally okay with that! Have I mentioned I love Fall? :)

One of the many things I love about Fall is cooking.
Fall food is comfort food....crock pot meals, casseroles & soups.
Does it get any better than that?

And, the baking in Fall is fun too.
Right now I have THIS baking in my oven.
My house smells Ah-mazing.

Speaking of pumpkin-y foods...you MUST go to Trader Joe's & get a box of this:
Last week, I picked up these in the dollar spot at Target.
Such cute ideas....can't wait to try them out!
Every October you will find this glass pumpkin on my kitchen counter filled with candy corn pumpkins and caramel candy corn. Yes, caramel candy corn. Best candy corn ever.
Oh yeah, these are on my counter too.
Reeses Peanut Butter cups = the best candy to give out to Trick or Treaters
(or, to keep for yourself!)
Can I get a high five for October?
Love this time of year, Fall is the gateway to the holiday season!
....The decorating, the food, the crisp air, the changing of color, the crunchy leaves, boots, cozy sweaters, candles & all things pumpkin (except the Pumpkin Spice Latte....yuck!!!)

Happy October!


  1. Considering how much you seem to LOVE Pumpkins, you should check out these muffins:


    I've been making them since I read this post and recently have begun to crave them!

    BTW: I like to use Semi-Sweet Chunks for big bites of chocolate.

  2. oh yum on the pancake mix...i so wish we had a trader joes!! and your pumpkin with lights reminded me that i forgot mine in the attic. i knew something was missing from the decorations. thanks for the reminder.

  3. I recognize that grapevine pumpkin :) Did you make that from Ashley's tutorial?

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  5. i LOVE Fall too!! and all your decor looks great! I still haven't pulled mine out yet...

    i have a really fun giveaway going on right now! I think you might be interested. Come over and check it out when you get a chance. :)

  6. love fall...one of my favorite seasons. your house looks so cute with all of the pumpkins!

    enjoy the 70's!

  7. We have a glass pumpkin just like yours :)
    Love all your decorations!!

  8. I need more Fall! I actually have a vine pumpkin I bought at Target, a Smith and Hawken one, but no lights. Did see those in a catalog I recently got though! We planted light and dark purple mums yesterday :)

  9. I love all of your fall photos! I bought pumpkins this weekend and put out my fall decorations. Too bad there's not a Trader Joe's in Texas. That mix looks yummy! I'm really enjoying your blog :)

  10. I am sooo with you on Fall! Except you are WRONG about the pumpkin spice lattes... So good! I wait all year for them! :)

    I love your decorations, I'm super jealous.

  11. High five for sure!! I LOVE October too :) I'm going to TJ's tomorrow so glad that I saw your post..I love anything pumpkin :) including your bread...mmm :)

  12. this post just made me feel happy!

    ENJOY FALL!!! <3

  13. Fun fall post!
    Claire has that same outfit that Kate is wearing. And Hannah has those same crocs. :)

    Love all your fall decor.
    LOVE those trader joe's pancackes too.

    Happy fall!

  14. I completely agree; fall is my very favorite time of the year! But how do you keep your kids from eating the candy sitting around; I like it for myself to grab a handful, but I am afraid EmmyKate will sneak bites all evening long.

  15. That makes me want to decorate! I'll have to do that on my day off tomorrow. :) Your house looks so cute!

    And oh my goodness, I want pumpkin pancakes now...

  16. What a beautiful blog! Thanks for visiting my blog too. I will be following on GFC!

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  17. Ahh, I love it all! Your pictures are amazing, I'm so jealous of your photography skills. Yay for Halloween.

  18. October = best month by far.
    Love your pumpkins.
    Love this fall weather!
    Love Reese's pb cups (of course!).
    Candy corn = blech. (sorry.)
    And TJ's pumpkin pancake mix is in my pantry year round. Soooo good!

    Happy October! :)


  19. I am all about the pumpkins in the Fall!! I have got to get out from under a few projects so I can decorate for Fall!



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