Life Lately + A Winner

Fall is always a crazy busy time for us.
It's Back to School time & both girls are playing soccer.
Here's a snippet of what we have been up to this Fall!

My niece got married & the kids were in the wedding.
It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to! 
 I loved all the twinkle lights! So pretty!
 The weather was perfect that evening.
 Me & my niece...she & her sister were flower girls in our wedding 15 years ago!
 Look how gorgeous the setting was!


The backyard structure in our backyard is pretty much complete....I refer to it as the Ladies Lounge....do you like what I named it? 
 We still need to wrap the posts in stone & hang up the TV, but it is functional for now :)
The guys area is the bar which we have named the LarBar.
We had warm evenings in October, so the Lar Bar & Ladies Lounge were in use with our friends & neighbors watching the World Series, Monday Night Football & the Warriors play!


We celebrated my friend Lauren's birthday with a fun dinner out. I am so thankful for these ladies. The 3rd grade moms are the best! :)


 Grammy's Celebration of Life was last weekend on what would have been her 106th birthday.
 It was so good to have all of our family together.
We are Grammy's 6 grandkids giving a Cranberry Vodka cheers to Grammy:
Here is a photo of the 6 of us with Grammy from 1994, almost 25 years ago.


 Then it was Halloween time....Kevin is the master pumpkin carver. The kids designed their own pumpkins & Kevin helped them carve.
 My kids are Harry Potter obsessed....Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter & Hermoine ready to Trick or Treat!
 Some of my friends and I went as the Golden Girls. It was hysterical.
We got the Stay Golden shirts HERE.

 I think my kids favorite part about trick or treating is sorting it out when we get home :)


The day after Halloween we had our family photos taken! I can't wait to see how they turn out! 
Since Luke was born in 2012, we have had Monika take our photos each Fall. We love her! 
The past few years, her daughter makes a video to go along with the photos. So special!

Rodan + Fields launched their holiday specials! 
If you buy our new Bright Eye Complex, you get this silver wristlet with it. It comes in a gift box!
 Our Bright Eye Complex is our newest product and helps with dark under eye circles and puffiness.
The next holiday special we have is when you buy the Bright Eye Complex along with Lash Boost, you get a sparkling eye lash curler! This also comes in a gift box.
Lash boost is one of my favorite RF products!
I am not a fan of selfies, but here is one I took of myself. I have been using Bright Eye Complex for a few weeks. And it also shows my lashes. I'm obsessed!
You can also see the glow my skin has from using Active Hydration Serum. I've been using it for 6 months & love the way it makes my skin look and feel. 

We also have a gift with purchase when you order our new AMP Roller. You get a free white travel bag! This is available if you get the AMP Roller & Retinal Renewing Serum or if you order it with Redefine AM it up Special or Reverse AMP it up Special.
 I love the Reverse Regimen...it got rid of my pregnancy melasma! I also love our AMP roller, it helps with skin firmness, fine lines & wrinkles.

 If you want to know what products are best for your skin, take my solutions tool HERE

These free gifts are good for new and current preferred customers.
You will also save 10% and get $20 cash back off your purchase!

If you would like to order or if you have questions about our products, send me an email.


Have you seen this meme?
I admit....for the past 5+ years, I was the person on the right. Here was a screenshot of my phone from a few weeks ago:
Over 10,000 un-read emails. YIKES. It had been building for years & years. The unread ones were mostly from Gap, Nordstrom & other random bulk emails about sales, etc. But I just never read them and obviously didn't delete them. A few weeks ago, I decided enough is enough and for the past 2 weeks I have been going through all my unread emails and deleting them. 
This is my phone now:
I've kept it like this for over a week. Yay, me! LOL!
I will never let it get that out of control again. 
I unsubscribed to so many things. It felt so good!  


Years ago, before my kids were in school I attended an IEP for one of my students. The mom emailed all the teachers/IEP team before the meeting asking us what we wanted from Starbucks. It was so nice of her & such a treat getting a coffee at the meeting after a long day of teaching and then having to go to a long IEP meeting. I will never forget that small, yet kind gesture.
Fast forward many years and now one of my own kids has an IEP, so you better believe I sent an email to the teachers/IEP team before our meeting this week asking them what they would like from Starbucks. As a teacher who is also a parent, I know how hard teachers work & I also know that a small token of appreciation means a lot :)


Congratulations! Email me or leave a comment so I can mail you the prizes!


  1. Im so sptealing that iep idea! Life lately looks like it has been wonderful for you. Xoxo

  2. How gorgeous was that wedding!!? And your backyard looks amazing!!

  3. Looks like everyone had a great Halloween. And your backyard looks awesome, loved the Ladies Lounge!

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