My Most Embarrasing Moments

Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday and today's topic is sharing your most embarrassing moments.

 I've had my share of embarrassing moments in my life. 
Like in 5th grade when I peed my pants at soccer.
Or, in 6th grade when a sea gull POOPED on my head while on a school field trip to Alcatraz and I had poop on my head and shirt whole day.
And, in 7th grade when I was at the community pool and took off my shorts to jump in the pool and realized that I forgot to put on my bathing suit.
Or, my 2nd day of teaching EVER and my coffee spilt ALL over my shirt 1st period, so all day long I had a huge coffee spill all down my shirt. (That prompted me to ALWAYS have a spare black cardigan in my desk drawer)
And, that time when I was pregnant with Claire with horrible morning sickness and puked in the Target parking lot (with several people watching)
So yeah. Embarrassing things happen to me. I'm cool with it.
But there are 2 that stand out as my most embarrassing...
It was the afternoon of my Senior Ball (same thing as Senior Prom, but at our high school, Junior Prom was called Prom and Senior Prom was called Senior Ball) 
I went to get my "updo" at a place downtown where everyone got their hair done for prom. After my hair appointment, I had a make up appointment at the mall at the Clinique counter. Because Clinique was my favorite in high school. 
I go to my hair appt & flip through photos of updo's and pick one out.
She starts to comb my hair and then stops. 
Then, she goes to another hair dresser's station and asks the girl to come over. 
They are looking at my scalp. 
Then she says to me "I can't do your hair. You have lice"
OMG.  WHAT?!?!
She said, have you been around little kids lately?
I said, yes...I babysit all the time.
Then it hit me. I realized where I got the lice.
A few weeks prior, I was in Mexico with my church youth group for a Spring Break Missions Trip at an Orphanage near Tijuana. That week, we put on a VBS for the kids at this Orphanage. 
One of the sweet girls there, asked me to give her piggy back rides almost every day. 
Which I did. 
She must have had lice.
Her hair touched my hair every time I gave her a piggy back ride.
And she wanted lots of hugs.

The hair dresser told me it to go to CVS and get lice shampoo, go home, wash my hair & have my mom get all the lice nits out and then come back to the salon and she would see if she could squeeze me in.
So, I rush out of there and of course see several girls from my high school at the salon & I think they are wondering why I am leaving with a Panicked look on my face & my hair NOT done. 
I get the lice shampoo at CVS (I also bought some make up since I had to cancel my make up appt at Clinique and I didn't have much make up at home. 
Of course I run into one of my friends & her mom at CVS and tell them what happened and pleaded "PLEASE don't tell anyone!!!"
 I drive home in tears. I am mortified.
I got lice. On a mission trip.
I have my mom help me wash my hair. I am still in tears because:
1) I have lice
2) I might not get my up-do for Senior Ball & I can't do my own up-do
3) There is no way I will make it to my make up appointment, so I will be going to my Senior Ball with lice infested hair & a crappy make up job done by myself
I had spent the whole year as a Senior Class Officer planning our Senior Ball & I was showing up as a hot mess.
I spent HOURS and HOURS picking out the venue, picking out the color scheme, designing the invitations & doing ticket sales.
For this 17 year old...Life was over as I knew it.
After we got the lice nits out of my hair, I went back to the hair salon. 
My hairdresser was able to squeeze me in.
The lice & nits were gone. 
I got my up-do done. 
I did my make up on my own. It turned out fine, nothing fancy.
It all worked out.
Here I am that night:
 It ended up being a great Senior Ball, despite the craziness that happened getting ready for it!
This next one happened 4 years ago when Luke was 9 months old.
I successfully pumped at school after I had both girls & when I had Luke.
Everyday during my lunch, it was the same routine. 
I close all the blinds in my classroom.
I lock my door. 
Then I double check to make sure my door is locked. 
I go back to my desk, hook up my pump and spend the next 10 minutes pumping.
I always have my pump on my desk next to my laptop as a shield, you know...just in case someone came in my room. 
But, that wouldn't happen because my door is ALWAYS locked.
 Several times, I have had some close calls. 
I'll be pumping & a student will try and open my door because they forgot something in my room...PE clothes, pencil pouch, notebook, etc.  
It always startles me when I hear the door handle being pulled, but it's always locked, so the student just leaves. 
{My pumping "station" in my classroom}
Let's rewind to May 2013.
The lunch bell rang, I did what I always do. 
Closed the blinds, locked the door, double checked the door, set up my pump & lap top and start pumping. 
A few minutes into lunch, I hear a student knock on my door & then try and open it. 
It's locked, so no big deal. I keep pumping. 
5 minutes later, I hear talking outside my door, someone trying to open the door and then....
Standing in the doorway is the custodian and one of my students.
I screamed. 
Then, shouted,
HOLY $#!%
NO. That did not just happen. NO.
Panicked, they shut the door and left. And took my dignity with them.
Flustered, I stopped my pump, buttoned up my shirt and ran outside to see why in the world they needed to come to my room.
My sweet student had left her lunch in my room and when the door was locked, went and got the custodian to unlock my door. 
She couldn't even LOOK me in the face as I handed her her lunch bag.
And, the poor custodian. He was mortified & said he was so sorry. 
I am "telling" myself that my pump and laptop were a good enough barricade and that no one saw anything. Yeah....that's what I'm telling myself. 
I don't know who is more traumatized.
Me, my student or the custodian. 
I called Kevin for moral support and he couldn't stop laughing. 
So, then I obviously texted my sister because she had a close call (same situation) earlier this year.
Pretty sure this one takes the cake as my most embarrassing moment ever.
With a glass of (breast)milk to go with it.
Feel free make me feel better and share any of your embarrassing moments in the comments or link me to your post with your embarrassing moments!


  1. Oh Mel! Those are bad! The 7th grader at the pool one tops the cake- second hand embarrassment over here! Glad you lived to tell it all! :)

  2. I'm pretty sure you're a vampire...You look the same as you did in high school! Those skin care products are doing their job! You still look amazing!

  3. I think your embarrassing moments beat mine and I had one that involved a urine soaked wardrobe malfunction. So congratulations!?! https://familyoffoley.wordpress.com/2017/03/14/show-and-tell-tuesday-embarrassing-moments/

  4. Just a few weeks ago I was at IKEA with my friend and our kids. She got way overcharged for something and they made her stand in the customer service line to get her refund and the line was so long! I volunteered to take our two year olds potty and she stayed in line with my one year old. Both boys went potty and then I decided to go since we live an hour away from IKEA. It was a family style bathroom where there's the room that has a locking door and then within that room is a stall. So I went to the bathroom while the boys were in the outer room. Midstream I hear them unlock the door and run out! I jumped up thinking my fight or flight system would stop the pee and yanked my pants up as I ran after them.... but the pee never stopped coming! I did grab the boys and went back to clean up the bathroom and then drove home sitting on my daughters blanket in my pee soaked pants! Two year olds! Arg!

  5. I laugh EVERY.time. you tell this story. Because you know my story and the fact that we worked in the same place. I die of laughter. MOST Embarrassing moment of my life!


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