Mel's Must Have Baby Products {12-15 Months Old}

It's time for another post about Mel's Must Have Baby Products.
I started this series because have gotten several emails from readers/friends who are pregnant with their first babies  (or just had their first babies) and they wanted my advice on baby items.
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Luke is our 3rd (and final) baby and since he was born almost 4 years after Claire, I had given away ALL our baby stuff. 
 I wanted to be mindful of what I got for Luke knowing that it would only be used for him & then given away/donated. I only wanted to get the absolute necessary things to avoid lots of clutter in my house.

Here are my 12-15 month must haves: 

We love THIS wagon. We got it when we had the girls and it has totally held up. Luke (and the girls) love riding in it. It has cup holders and built in seats with little seat belts. Or, you can fold down the seat for more storage. The wheels rotate, so it is easy to turn when you are pulling the wagon. We also have THIS canopy to go with our wagon. Perfect for summer. Love, love, love it.

Is there anything cuter than a little boy pushing around a lawnmower? Luke is OBSESSED with THIS lawn mower. Every single time we play outside he goes straight for his lawn mower.

When Kate was a baby, I was coaching our high school soccer team and the team threw me a baby shower at one of our carbo loads. We didn't find out what we were having (for any of our kids) and they gave me THIS beautiful luxe cream blanket. It was SOOOO soft. I used it for her stroller and after she turned a year, I put it in her crib.

Luke is also obsessed with cars & trucks. We love anything Melissa & Doug, especially THIS. It's a truck and it has cars! Perfect for Luke!

I am slightly obsessed with little boy converse. Luke has 2 pairs of THESE and I love how durable they are. And, they are so cute!

I will admit....girl clothes are SO much cuter than boy clothes, but little boy clothes are growing on me. I love shirts like THIS with a cute pair of cargo pants like THESE.

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We love THESE chairs from PBK. The girls each have their own and Luke was so obsessed with running into the girls rooms and sitting in them, that we got his own for Christmas this year. At almost 7 years old & 5 years old, my girls STILL sit in their chairs & read books.

Gotta love the Fisher Price Learn & Laugh toys. I keep THIS puppy in his crib and every morning (and sometimes in the middle of the night) I hear him giggling & playing with it.

Luke also LOVES books, once our kids turn 1 years old, they are really interested in books.
Here are Luke's current 3 favorite books:

So, there you have it! Some of our 12 - 15 month Must Have's!
Anything your kids loved at this age that I didn't mention?
What books did your kids love at this age?

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  1. What canopy do you like for the wagon?

  2. Here is the link to the canopy: http://bit.ly/1gSlvKp

  3. We love Little Blue Truck and any book by Sandra B

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