Cheesy Pepperoni Dip

It's almost time for the Superbowl, which means yummy food & drinks!
I am all about easy & delicious appetizers when it comes to Superbowl Sunday (or parties in general)
Here is an easy to make dip that serves a big crowd!
Here is what you need for Chessy Pepperoni Dip:
  • 3/4 cup HORMEL® Pepperoni minis
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded pizza cheese blend
  • 3/4 cups sliced olives
  • 2 cups mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup chopped green onions
The main ingredient is these awesome HORMEL® Pepperoni minis (love that I don't have to dice up the pepperoni!) They also come in Turkey Pepperoni minis for a lower fat version!
Chop your green onions:
In a bowl, add all the ingredients:
Stir everything together:
Spread in baking dish (I used a pie dish)
 Bake at 375 for 20 minutes or until bubbly and slightly browned on top.
Serve with Tortilla Chips (I use Scoops because those chips hold a lot of dip!)
  This is a perfect dip for watching football.
And, it serves a big crowd!

Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger

Disclosure: This post was written as part of my participation in the
Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger Program. While Hormel Foods
provides me material and necessary resources to complete various
activities, the thoughts and statements in this post are my own.

What is your favorite appetizer to eat while watching the Superbowl?
I have a few more recipes coming up in the next week that I am looking forward to sharing with all of you!


  1. This looks great! We love Buffalo Chicken Dip on Super Bowl Sunday!

  2. Mel this looks so good I will be putting this together for the big game! I'll just eat around the olives...haha Hope your family is doing good.

  3. Looks yummy! I'm not a big olive fan, so I think I might sub sauteed green peppers for the olives.

  4. Looks great! I am always looking for new recipes to add to the football party mix! Thanks :)

  5. Looks yummy, not an olive fan either..thanks Lauren for green pepper suggestion instead of olives.



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