Insta June

It's June! Crazy!
I love June because that means school is almost out!
Only 2 more weeks until Summer Break! YES!
Here is a little recap of our past few weeks, Instagram style.
Here is our garden, one month after planting it. Grow, Garden, Grow!
Kevin's Bday was a few weeks ago & the girls insisted on getting him balloons.
I love the ones they picked out. "You're the Best" is a phrase we use all the time at our house, couldn't believe we found a balloon with that phrase.
One of the MAJOR to-do's I have on my 40 Bags in 40 Days list is to organize all the bins of clothes in the garage. I had some of them organized, which Claire destroyed. GRRRRRR.
Saw a new flavor of brownie mix at the store & had to try them out.
Mocha Brownies? Not bad. But, I think I like traditional brownies better.
If you haven't read this book, you need to. ASAP. My book now has tear stained pages. Reading this while 6 months pregnant = opening of the flood gates.
Painting the new guest room! Can't wait to show you guys before & after pics. It is almost complete!
I was at Home Depot & parked next to this truck. I couldn't believe he used COMIC SANS font on his truck. I blurred out his name & phone number to protect him. Ha! He needs to get a new marketing director. So many things wrong with his logo.
Comic Sans, REALLY?
Cartoon of a fat hairy guy, REALLY?
What appears to be a butt crack near his waist line, REALLY?
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.
Moving onto other shallow things....The Bachelorette has begun.
I love Jesus and I watch this show. Don't judge :)
I may or may not have eaten an ice cream cone in bed at 11pm the other night.
Again, don't judge :)
Got some happy mail last week, a cuppow. If you love mason jars, you need to get one.
Watching the girls play in the pool with my mason jar & cuppow.
I call it my mommy sippy cup.
One of my students made me a poster for my birthday last week. I have the sweetest students this year!
Kevin & the girls also surprised me on my birthday by bringing me lunch at school. So fun!
For my birthday dinner, we hit up Red Robin. Gotta love their fries with the seasoning salt & ranch. Good stuff.
Since I don't like birthday cake, we went to ice cream for birthday dessert.
Thanks to those of you who donated to charity water for my birthday. We surpassed the goal last night! Hooray for clean water!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. No judgement here. I love Jesus and watch the Bachelorette!! My life is drama free (and I like it that way) but it's fun watching someone else's drama!!

    And....I hope you got a FREE burger at Red Robin for your birthday. You know you can do that right? If not, just register for their e-mails and you get and e-mail around your birthday for a free burger!

  2. Mocha fudge brownie...now that is my kind of brownie. I will be on the look out for those at my grocery store!
    I have Bloom and started to read it but had to stop and I am not even pregnant! Love what I have read so far. Hope to be able to come back to it soon.

  3. Love reading about your days! So funny that Claire destroyed your bags (sorry but HAD to laugh!)
    And good for you eating an ice cream in bed and for watching the Batchelerette!!! (I don't think I spelled that correctly- oh well!)

  4. Oh good! I'm so glad I'm not the only Christian "Bachelorette" watcher...LOL! Happy almost summer to you!

  5. I hope you had an awesome time celebrating your birthday!

    I hate that Claire destroyed all of your hard work! Sounds just like something my Aubrey would do!

    And since ice cream was mentioned in this post not once but twice.... I could really use some RIGHT now!!

  6. I am having a Bachelorette viewing party tonight! It's fun to watch and laugh. ;)

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday Mel!!!!

  7. I love Jesus and have done worse than watch the Bachelorette :-)

  8. I love Jesus and I watch Real Housewives of OC. Judge free zone. You inspire me with your bags. I've been tossing everything that doesn't move around here and it feels great. Miss you! Playdate this summer, for sure.



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