Insta-Friday: Football & Furniture Edition

This week has flown by. So thankful it is Friday!
It was conference week, so it was crazy & chaotic.
Last weekend started off with a bang!
My Colorado Buffaloes were playing Stanford, so we headed over to the game.
My mom grew up in Palo Alto (where Stanford is) so before the game, we drove by the house she grew up in. A few blocks from where she grew up is Steve Jobs house, and on the way to the stadium, we passed by his house. I couldn't believe how many people were in front of his house.
There were reporters, security guards, people lined up and flowers laid around the fence of his front yard. Of course we pulled over & got out to take a closer look:
It was very interesting to see all these people paying tribute to him. I can't put it into words yet, but it was surreal. The sidewalk was lined with hundreds of apples & flowers.
Then we headed to the game & tailgated before .
It was a beautiful day for a football game.
Photos clockwise from top: Beautiful sky at the stadium, tailgating, my brother in law Jason bought a Stanford t-shirt in the parking lot!! (I wouldn't let him wear it in the stadium, we were there to cheer on the Buffs!), Me & my older sister, Elyse.

Stanford was ranked #7 in the country so we knew the game might be rough for Colorado....that turned out to be true.
Photos clockwise: Stanford celebrating after (another!) touchdown, Elyse reading Bon Appetite because the game was a blow out, me hanging my head in frustration after yet another Stanford touchdown, the halftime score, Stanford 27-Colorado 7 (and, we had -1 rushing yards. Not good)

We left in the 4th quarter because it was such a blow out. I realized I DO NOT like going to away football games. It is WAY more fun cheering on your team at their home field. The final score was 48-7. OUCH.

After leaving the game we went to the Oasis for burgers. We used to go here when I was a kid & I have fond memories of it. You get a basket of peanuts & can toss the shells on the floor. And, they have pinball there & this is where my love of pinball blossomed.
We also went to Sprinkles cupcakes because it was right down the street. It was my first time there. I got cupcakes to bring home. Marshmellow for Kate, Strawberry for Claire, Caramel Apple, Red Velvet, Banana & Coconut (I actually ordered Peanut Butter Chocolate, but they gave me Coconut by mistake. Didn't realize it until I was home. Bummer.) Red Velvet was the best!
Also this week, I sucked it up, picked myself off the ground & tried another Pinterest recipe after my Pinterest Fail. The new recipe was a Winner! Yeah!
Wednesday was the Crock-tober link up on my blog!
Go check out the recipes that people linked up, there are some really yummy ones!

We are getting new Dining Room furniture & I sold my old hutch on craigs list. Love that site!
Hopefully my table will sell this weekend. Because our new furniture is darker, I decided I would try and stain our old wine rack to match the new stuff.
We got that wine rack 9 years ago at Target when we first got married. I love it & just wanted to stain it. Unfortunately, my project was a FAIL (It was too dark out to get an after photo last night). I sanded down the wine rack as much as I could & then stained it. But, apparently my Target wine rack is made from fake engineered wood & the stain wouldn't absorb to to it and now my wine rack is ruined. SO bummed. Big time FAIL.

So happy it's the weekend!
We have yet another wedding to go to & I am so excited!
It is one of our old youth group kids. So fun! I love weddings!

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  1. Those pictures of Steve Jobs house are amazing. I am sitting here right now waiting for my new iPhone, come on FedEx!

    I have a feeling that the Middle Tennessee State vs. University of TN game will go the same way as your alma mater. I am a MTSU grad, Marc went to UT, and I have a feeling when we go to Neyland next month, I will need to bring some magazines. :D

  2. what a fun week...and I can't imagine the scene outside of Steve Jobs house!

    I agree...away football games are just NO fun!

  3. Hey there! Just linking up... sounds/looks like such a fun week! Those cupcakes look delish! Have a great weekend.

  4. Can you spray paint the wine rack? I am all about the spray paint right now. Maybe you could do it an accent color or something.

  5. Such a fun and busy week! Those cupcakes look pretty amazing!!

  6. my team has been involved in a few blowouts the last few games...it is rough watching..I don't blame you for leaving early.

    Love the pictures of Steve Jobs house

  7. I think spray paint would work too!! The cupcakes look yummy!! I have heard about that restaurant, I guess it can get kinda crunchy in their!! Ha!!

    Happy Friday!!

  8. Tailgating sounds like so much fun...I'm going to do it one day. I'm sorry to hear that your team lost...that's never any fun. Yeah for the recipe success but boo for the wine rack issue. You should have another cupcake to cheer yourself up.

  9. you are my husbands DREAM GIRL with all that football talk :-)

    and as for me...well, you won me over with your photos and crock pot :-)

  10. Tried searching for you on Pinterest, but couldn't find you.. You need a Pinterest button for your blog! :)

  11. try spray painting your wine rack, nothing to lose at this point :o)
    jenn g.

  12. We moved to Seattle from Denver last June and are sooooo excited to watch the Buffs play against UDub tomorrow (yes, even knowing what the outcome will be). Go Buff's :)

  13. Fun-filled week! I need to get myself to a Sprinkles soon--sounds delish! I'm agreeing with the spray paint--it can do wonders: )Have agreat weekend!

  14. The photos of the Steve Job's house are very moving.

    And as for Sprinkles, I'd take one of each.

  15. You had NEVER had a Sprinkles cupcake?! Their frosting is just amazing. I'll come over and help you with that coconut one. :)

  16. I'm so glad you finally got Sprinkles! My faves are pumpkin, lemon blueberry and salted caramel. My hubs love the red velvet :)

  17. We are accepting new Dining Room appliance & I awash my old berth on craigs list. Because our new appliance is darker, I absitively I would try and stain our old wine arbor to bout the new stuff.

    Oak furniture Macclesfield

  18. Such a fun week! Those cupcakes look pretty amazing!



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