Claire's New Do

Claire has been looking like a ragamuffin for the past few months.
Her hair has gotten so long (and she rarely lets me do her hair) and she was looking a little unkempt. It was time for her first haircut.
To be honest, I have been putting it off because *I* wasn't ready for her to get her first haircut.
But, as you can see, she was WAY overdue.
Part of the reason I have been avoiding getting it cut is because she has body & a slight curl to her hair & I am nervous that if I cut it, the curl will go away & not come back. You see, I grew up with stick straight hair. No body what so ever. Unfortunately for Kate, she got my hair.
But Claire? She got Kevin's hair with body & a slight curl. I love it. I didn't want to get it cut.
But, since today is 1.11.11, I figured it was a great day to do something momentous, like get a first haircut! (Just kidding, I am not THAT big of a numbers dork. Wait, maybe I am....)
I actually wanted to get it cut before Thanksgiving. But, then I put it off & said I would get it cut for Christmas. Well, Christmas came and went. I realized I just needed to bite the bullet & get it done, especially since both girls are flower girls in my sister's wedding in April. I wanted to get it cut well in advance in case I needed to grow it out more.
Claire did great at the hair cut. Miss Sheila (who gave Kate her first haircut over 2 years ago) put Claire's hair in a pony tail & cut it off!
Technically, this wasn't her first trim. Claire has had some crazy hair since birth. When Claire was 5 months old, I posted HERE about her different hair do's, including her rat tail. I posted about cutting off her rat tail HERE.

Kate was with us, giving Claire moral support. I wish I had a tape recorder in the car on the drive over. Kate was giving Claire a "pep talk" on the way to the hair salon. She told Claire that it was okay if she was a little scared to get her hair cut. Kate told Claire that she still gets scared sometimes when she gets her haircut, but it is okay because God is always with you, so you don't need to be afraid. It was PRECIOUS!
Claire didn't mind the hair cut one bit. She just sat there playing with the Speak & Say toy.
And, eating her lollipop!
And, the best part about getting a hair cut from Miss Sheila (besides the lollipop)?
She puts glitter in your hair after she cuts it!
Claire even got her hair braided
(another first, she won't let me do that. I have tried!)
The final hair do:
(Claire looks sad because she finished her lollipop & I wouldn't let her have another one)
Claire's official hair cut certificate:
When we got home Claire took out her braid & wanted her clip back in.
When I asked her if she liked her new hair cut, she said, "YEAHHHHHHHHH!"
I think her haircut is cute, and I KNOW it will be so much easier to manage.
But, I sure will miss those curls.


  1. It looks great. I can only think that I would be the same way...kids look so much older with a fresh haircut. I think it would be bittersweet! :-)

  2. I love her new do! My daughter is 22months old and will not need or get a hair cut for at least another 2 years lol. Or i hope anyway! But you can see it still has some volume and girl to it. I really like it!

  3. Love the new 'do, very cute! She looks beautiful!

  4. Glitter & a lollipop can change the world! Too cute!

  5. I think it looks absolutely precious! It's always harder on Mom than it is on them.

  6. Oh she looks so cute! ANd the glitter? How fun!

  7. It does look great, but I'm sure you'll miss the curls:) I'm not going to have to worry about my daughter's first haircut for a loooong time! We have a baldy:)

  8. I love her new hair cut! The lollipop and glitter idea is genius! I just have my 3 year old her first real haircut yesterday too, I mean other than cutting her little baby mullet. Cute pics!

  9. she looks adorable! how fun to put glitter in the their hair. that is so fun!!

  10. Oh she is such a cutie! Love her cute little haircut!

  11. She looks adorable! My little Lauren always looks like a ragamuffin too.

  12. She is a sunshine, love her new hair.

  13. So adorable! I love that they put glitter in her hair at the end, what I cute idea.

  14. So cute! That's awesome that she just sat there... I'm pretty jealous of that. Ella screamed and squirmed and now I DREAD taking her back. I think the disheveled look is coming back, though.

  15. so cute! and love how she puts glitter in their hair. how fun is that?!

  16. I think her new haircut is PRESH! I can still see a bit of curl in her hair...there's hope yet! You certainly have two beautiful girlies!!!!!

  17. she looks precious! I had to cut Carson's hair the other day. It was all in his eyes. I almost died...I didn't want to cut it at all, but had to, so that he could see :) I've enjoyed reading your blog :)

  18. Clare looks adorable! Mason falls victim to the ragamuffin look every couple of months. I really just want to shave it all... it would be so much easier to keep up!

  19. She looks adorable!! At 3.5 Leila has her first haircut and it was just a little over an inch and a half and I had a pit in my stomach the whole time!

  20. Hi Melissa! I enjoyed making your Claire's 1st haircut experience a Fun one! She's so adorable! I can't believe how good she was for me! She even let me do a braid, wow!! I love your blog by the way! See you soon got Kate's haircut!



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