Crisis Averted.

About a month ago, out of nowhere, Claire became extremely attached to 2 of her blankies.
Meaning, she HAS to sleep with them during naps, at bedtime & bring them in the car with us, etc.
I don't know why she suddenly become so attached to them.
For the past year, we have just rotated which blankey she sleeps with.
No big deal, no favorite blankey.
There were 5 different blankies in the rotation.
But last month, these 2 HAD to be in her crib each night.
Claire even named them, the big one of the left is called her "Polk-O Dot" (that is polka dot in Claire speak. The one on the right is called "My little one".
The "little one" is her very favorite. I think because her name is on it.
(She follows after me, I had a blankie growing up that my aunt made. I slept with it EVERY night until High School!!!!! It is now in a safe spot at my parents house)
Within the last week, we have misplaced/lost the "little one" or left it at Grandmas house, etc.
Today, the "little one" went missing again.
Claire demanded to bring it with her to Grandma's house this morning.
I picked up Claire after school & got her bag of things.
Then, I had a meeting for school from 4-6 and my sister came over to watch the girls.
At bedtime, Claire realized the "little one" was not in her crib or in her bag we brought back from Grandma's.
We tried putting Claire down for bed without it, but for almost 2 hours she was awake and upset in her crib calling out for "my little one" and screaming "I want my little polk-o dot" while Kevin and I frantically searched our house, our closets, and our cars. So sad.
Kevin even drove over to his parents house trying to see if it was there. It wasn't.
I called my sister to see if she had seen it when she was watching the girls this afternoon, but she didn't pick up.
Kate didn't go to bed because she wanted to help us find the missing blankey.
We got Claire out of bed at 9:00 (because she was still wailing about the blankey) and we asked her to help us find the blankey.
Finally, around 9:30, Kevin found "the little one" under our bed which resulted in a very happy Claire.
And, 5 minutes after we found it my younger sister called to say she got my message & the blankey is in our room. Ha!
(By the way, she still has some curl in her hair even after the hair cut!)

So, the moral of the story?
After tonight, we are not letting "the little one" (or any blankey) leave the house.
I can't get a replacement blankey because I bought it on etsy right after Claire was born, over 2 years ago.
We are setting blankey boundaries.
No more bringing them to Grandma's or in our cars or out on errands.
We can't risk another blankey crisis & not knowing where "the little one" is.
Kate is not attached to anything (blankey, doll, etc) and this is a very new attachment for Claire, so we are total Rookies in this regard.....Any blankey tips or advice is greatly appreciated!


  1. Hannah has Foofa and a new member of her entourage is her giant Thomas the Train. We have left Foofa at a indoor jungle place before and had to deal with it over night. After that I bought a back up.
    I will let Hannah bring Foofa in the car with her but she usually has to leave her in the car so she doesnt get "dirty" or "lost" and she will agree. She does not want me to wash Foofa so I think she agrees to avoid him getting dirty (even though she is dirty) and having to be washed.

    PS I still have my "thing" from when I was little. I called it BeeBee. They were red sweatpants. Random. They are in a box in my closet.

  2. N&A are super duper attached to their lovies. I've always washed the lovies every week but we had an issue with a puking virus that was bad when the lovies could not go to bed bc they were covered in puke.

    We took the boys to Target and let them pick out brand new lovies, anything they wanted. And then I bought two back ups of each lovie. No issues since!

  3. Oh that's SOOOO stressful!!!! We have a rule at our house that the blankies and lovies cannot come out of the bed. Not to watch movies, not to play, not to leave the house etc. I mainly did that so we wouldn't be searching high and low for the article of choice frantically. It might be worth a shot. We also did the same thing with Paci, but thankfully, Paci is gone now!

  4. So traumatic yet SO HI-larious!! We've had those fire drills with O's Jessie doll...Lord help us parents!

  5. OMG. I have the same "problem" with my little one. Carlo falled in love with his teddy bear named TEDDY. He bring Teddy to school for naptime, and when we can't find it it's a nightmare. My friend buyes Teddy in New York 2 years ago and we live in Italy so you could understand we can't lose it. Kisses from Italy.

  6. Anna started with Winky. Then I bought her a back up but made the mistake of showing it to her, then she had to have both! So it became new winky and old winky. Then we lost old winky at the zoo-tragedy! I tried to play it off but I couldn't put it past her-at least she said, "thanks for buying me a new winkie from the store, mommy!" This one became Woobie (Weezie's term). We have had many a crisis, and when we've lost Woobie and I've tried to tell her, this is Woobie (which is really Winky) she knows the difference by the texture (it's all in the number of washes!) Crazy, I know! None of them go to major outings except grandparents or auntie and uncle's house!

  7. Ha! We have had many nights looking for loveys in the this house too. My oldest has a pillow that is made out of My Little Pony fabric that she calls Pony. She loses that thing at least once a day! My youngest also has 2 blankets that she calls blanket and blankie! We also lose at least one of them all the time. At first she had to have both of them to sleep but she kept losing one or the other that she adjusted to just one! It makes it a little easier too when one has to be washed to just switch them out.

  8. Oh we have 2 of those as well. One is "Blue" and one is "Big." Blue basically never leaves his side. Our rule is that it can go in the car, but can't leave the car unless it's to come in our house. We had one night without him and it was horrible. He ended up sleeping with one of Daddy's shirts instead - a close second, don't ya think?!

  9. My 2 year old has always been attached to a satin and minky blanket...she has to have it to sleep. She used to tote it everywhere, but the older she gets, the less she asks for it. She didn't take a pacifier until she was 8 months old, and up until then, she sucked on the satin side of her blankey. We bought her a backup when she was about 15 months old, and she's been okay with either....actually the newest one is becoming her favorite (I want pink bwanket, mama...). I know you said you can't buy a backup...is there someone who can make you one? It looks like it's just a cotton and minky with her name embroidered....heck I might could even make one for you :) My aunt has a Bernina, so we could even put her name on it...

    That's really my only advice, other than limit her to only the big blanket at home (she'll get used to it...) and tell her the little one has to stay in her overnight bag. That way Grandma's and Aunts only have one to keep up with, and so do you!

  10. Oh yea, I recognize those. She couldn't find the little one at my house. Then she found it in the girls room and rejoiced. Seriously, rejoiced. Like a kid in a little blanket shop.

  11. No! So far Mason has been the same way-- any blanket will do. He is weird about one certain blanket and the "side" I lay down facing him. If it's the "wrong" side he freaks out. Crazy toddlers!

  12. She is adorable! Kyleigh has a similar situation. Our rule is this. Little blanket stays in the car, at all times. It does not get out of the car, ever. Big blanket stays in the house. In her room or on the couch only. She is not allowed to drag it all around because I think that's gross and because it's annoying to have to go on a scavenger hunt every night.

    Good luck!

  13. I gave my special blankie that I slept with every night to my daughter when she was 15 months, never realizing it would quickly become "HER" blankie instead. 8 years later, it is threadbare and worn and my daughter insists that she'll never part with it, not even to give it to her own daughter.

  14. This has happened to us twice. My daughter is 7...and a few years back we "lost" her stuffed cat in WalMart. After frantically retracing our steps it was found at customer service. I swore they'd never leave the car again. They didn't. But recently we moved and she began dragging them everywhere again. (Blankie too). One night after a busy night of activities it was bed time and blankie was no where to be found. There were tears (mine too) and we hopped in the car to retrace our steps. Blankie ended up being tucked in corner of my car that we over looked. Needless to say they aren't allowed out of our house. EVER. This stuffed cat and blankie have been her "lovies" since she was 1. Blankie was crocheted by a grandma and is shredded, full of holes, but she loves it. Gilbert is missing eyes and stuffing, but again love.
    I too had a doll that was so precious to me and a blankie.
    You are doing the right thing by not allowing them to leave the house though.
    I wish I had made that rule sooner. I think it's just as hard on me as her now. Best of Luck!

  15. Oh my goodness! Definitely sounded like a crisis. That Must have been so hard hearing her cry out for it. I love how she named it the little one. Hahaha that is just too cute!

  16. oh too funny! when i was little my mom took me to the car wash and and first used one of those self vacumms first. i had my blankie and she was vacumming well somehow she sucked it right up. i was devastated.



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