I heart Costco

January's POTM is.....anything from COSTCO!!

I heart Costco. I mean, where else can you get 3 heads of lettuce for $2.99? Or 2 pounds of Starbucks coffee for $12.99? Or 4x6 pictures printed for $.13 each?

After tonight, I REALLY heart Costco.

5 years ago in January 2004, Kevin and I bought a little 2o inch TV (for our bedroom) from Costco for $150. About 9-10 months ago the TV started having a problem. Whenever we turned on the TV, the closed captioning turned would come on also. It got kinda annoying after a few months. Then, a few weeks ago the closed captioning turned on in Spanish. Our poor little TV was I knew Costco had great customer service & a good return policy, so I decided to go to Costco & tell them about the TV to see if there was a warranty on it or something. I had to pick up some pictures today at Costco, so I decided to go by Customer Service & tell them about my malfunctioning TV. The woman I spoke to was nice & she looked up my info on the computer since I had no receipt. Sure enough, she found my info & I asked her if I could bring it in & return it...she said "sure". Suh-weeeeeeeet!

I called Kevin when I got home & told him the "good news". He has been dying to get an LCD flat screen TV, so this was his chance! When he got home from work we loaded up the TV and the girls & headed to Costco. The woman who I spoke to earlier today wasn't there, so I explained the situation to the new lady. She said usually they accept returns on broken TV's after 2-3 years, but since it had been 5 years she needed to get a managers approval. (gulp!) 30 seconds later the manager approved & we were given Costco Cash (aka store credit). She informed me that their current store policy on TV's & electronics was a 90 day return policy, so if we were getting a new TV we should be aware of that....good to know!

Kevin led us right over to the TV section & he was looking at the 26 inch TV's but then noticed for $50 more we could get a 32 inch. Why Not! We had our "Costco Cash" and Christmas money, so the TV was costing us practically nothing!

So, Horray for Costco and their amazing return policy & excellent customer service!

Here is a picture of Kevin's "new baby". It fits perfectly in our armorie in our bedroom....unfortunately because we upgraded to 32 inch, I lost a shelf of clothing space....it's okay, I will take one for the team!


  1. awesome! Now go buy a $8 antenna from radio shack and enjoy High Def TV!....

  2. LOL I have to laugh at ESPN being on the TV in the bedroom, every night Charlie gets into bed, and turns it on. What channel is on you ask? ESPN.

  3. NICE! That's awesome! Congratulations :)

  4. We have a 32" flat screen in our bedroom too! Our main thinking was now we have a "den" with a 2nd tv for when the kiddies want to watch their spongebob and we don't. He heh



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