Caramel Candy Corn

That's right folks, it that time of month....the October POTM (product of the month). This post is coming early because I want to tell you about it before they sell out & before Halloween is over.

4 words: Brach's Caramel Candy Corn.
This was a new product that came out last year in fall of 2007. I got it last year & this year at Target. 3 bags for $5 on sale!

Oh man. I have the weirdest love-hate relationship with candy corn and the pumpkin mallowcremes. I see them, I must have them, but I only want to eat like 5 before I'm like okay, no more for a year. But, every year, come October 1st, I bust out my glass pumpkin & fill it with candy corn & pumpkin mallowcremes. I mostly fill it because it looks pretty & festive, not because I love the candy. But last year, Brachs came out with a new product: Carmel candy corn. This stuff is good. REALLY good. It puts normal candy corn & pumpkin mallowcremes to shame.

The caramel corn smells much sweeter than normal candy corn, if you can believe it. Its color is brown bottom, yellow/orange middle and white tip. The flavor is extremely sweet, but it really tastes of caramel with a burnt and milky essence to it. Hard for me to believe that they outdid the original, but they certainly did it here.

They also came out with Caramel Apple Candy corn, but I was sort of frightened by this flavor. These have a brown bottom, red middle and white tip. They’re really quite pretty and I imagine they would look quite attractive in my glass pumpkin, but I am scared to try them. If you have had this flavor, let me know what you think, i am too cheap to spend $1.99 on a bag to find out :)

Back to the Caramel Candy Corn.....The flavor is familiar enough for candy corn lovers and different and strong enough to convince all the rest that candy corn is indeed a tasty treat. So, even if you don't like candy corn, you might like these! I hope they continue to make these each autumn season...We have already gone through 2 bags and it isn't even Halloween yet!

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  1. I have to admit, I like the pumpkins and normal candy corn better...

    And yes, I am related to you!



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