October, I love you.

Happy October!
Oh, October...how I love you.
You are my favorite month.
 October is the gateway to the holiday season.
Once October arrives, that means it will soon be Halloween, then Thanksgiving & then Christmas.
Here are some things I love about October......
Mums & Pumpkins on my porch:
We got 2 pumpkins from our garden this year.
Fall wreaths on my doors....
 October also means my pantry is stocked with canned pumpkin. And, pumpkin candles.
I always wait until October 1st to bust out the pumpkin recipes because it's still really warm here in California until October. Our weather has been in the 90's but over the weekend, it was in the 70's and we even saw some rain....it was just sprinkles...but I will take it!
These first few days of October have been perfectly "fall" here in California.
Cooler temps in the 60s & 70s and some light rain.
 I made my pumpkin bread (Recipe HERE) and my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (I need to blog these!)
 I also made my Caramel Apple Cider Cookies...I will for sure be blogging these...stay tuned!
It was 2 years ago that I finally watched Gilmore Girls for the first time. It was love at first watch. 
 It's time to brew some coffee & start watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning again to get pumped up for the new season that premiers the day after Thanksgiving.
How awesome is my mug?

You can get one HERE.

 October means Casseroles, Crockpots meals & Soups for dinner.
I made my first batch of Taco Soup this week...YUM!
October means it's Boots & Jeans Season!
Shirt (Stitch Fix ) // Jeans // Booties

 Another one of my favorite things about October is getting Boo-ed and Boo-zed by friends!
Of course, then we love Boo-ing (and Boo-zing) our neighbors & friends in return!
Here is what we usually use to Boo people...I love boo-ing with cupcake mix, so that families can bake together :)

Download them {HERE}

The adult version of boo-ing......Boo-zing!

Download them {HERE}
It's so fun to Boo friends! My kids love it!

I really love October when it's an Orange October!

The Giants play in the Wild Card game tonight....it's an even year, so we are BeliEVEN!
We won the World Series in 2010, 2012 & 2014...hoping we can keep the even streak alive for 2016!

I love going to the pumpkin patch & seeing all the varieties of pumpkins & gourds....they are so photogenic!
I welcome you with open arms.
I love you, so!
My heart sings a little song once October arrives.
The color orange makes me happy.
Leaves changing colors.
  The rustle of fallen leaves underfoot.  
Crisp, cool weather.  
The smell of wood burning in the fireplace. 
Pumpkins & Pumpkin Everything.
Cozy clothes and boots.
Sweater Weather.
The smell of the Fall air.

What is your favorite part about October?


  1. Oh how I love October!! I hate to admit that I have never watched Gilmore Girls....but I think I should start!
    I think we also need to start "booing" people! Love it!!

  2. I love it all too! I must have that mug!

  3. There is just too much happiness in this one post. I love you too October!

  4. I love pumpkin recipes, too! We enjoy taking the tops and doors off of our Jeeps to cruise around and enjoy the Texas weather!

  5. October has become my favorite month! I cannot wait to see the recipe for Caramel Apple Cider Cookies- the name just screams Fall :)

  6. Never seen Gilmore Girls! Never been boozed, but it would be fun to booze someone, I have to do that! Making pumpkin muffins like a bakery over here. I love the ones from Lovely Little Kitchen, and yours too of course. ��

  7. October makes me turn off the air no matter what the temp is, brew yummy coffees, bake more and plan soup nights!

  8. I think this October may just be the October where I try out Boo'ing my neighbors in the hopes that it will catch on!

  9. Ok, I've heard about boo-ing your neighbors, but boozing them? Genius!



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