Friday Favorites {February Fun Edition}

Happy Friday!
Today I'm linking up with Friday Favorites!
Hosted by: Andrea, Erika & Narci

Friday in our house means Friday Night Pizza Night!
On Friday nights, we usually order pizza or bake a frozen pizza.
But, ever since I got THIS amazing pizza maker, we have been making pizzas! 

This pizza maker is my favorite!
You can get it HERE or HERE.

My favorite flavor pizza we have made so far is BBQ Chicken Pizza. 
Recipe {HERE}

I have been experimenting with other pizza recipes, I will post my next one later this month.
I am going to try and post one new pizza recipe a month.
Yay, Pizza!

 A few months ago, a Free Little Library went up in our neighborhood & it's my Favorite!!
Last week, I stopped by it to see what books they had.
Check out what I got....The Nightingale!!!! I have heard this is an amazing book. I'm so excited to read it!
Funny story...I posted that photo on Instagram & my sister is the one who put The Beach Trees in the little library.

Last Sunday, it was 3rd grade Bible Sunday & all the 3rd graders got their very own Bibles.
We had a weekly class at church with Kate on Wednesday nights & then this past Sunday she was presented her Bible during the church service.
Definitely a favorite moment...Kate recieiving one of my favorite books...The Bible.
I still have my Bible I got when I was in 3rd grade!

These are my favorite booties:
I like them because the heel isn't too high. I am tall....5'9, so I don't like a high heel.
I love the Mushroom:
 And the Black:

So comfortable! They come in 1 other color, black leather.
 Get them HERE.

I'm on a Larabar kick. 
I usually eat Luna bars for breakfast during school, but these Lara bars were on sale at Target, so I decided to try them. YUM!
These are my 3 favorite flavors:
Having San Francisco host the Super Bowl this weekend is my favorite!
Yesterday my older sister and I headed to San Francisco for the afternoon to check out SuperBowl City.
We walked down the street & the first thing we saw was the Budweiser Clydesdales...with a police escort!
View of the Ferry Building:
It was a GORGEOUS February day in San Francisco. We are spoiled here in California.

 They had tons of food trucks in Super Bowl City, but my sister and I went to the food trucks at the Ferry Building....the white tower  is part of the Ferry Building.
We had street tacos from Tacolicious.
 You can never go wrong with street Tacos!
 Then we grabbed coffees from Blue Bottle Coffee:
 Probably the best coffee I have ever had. SO good.
Drinking coffee & looking at the Bay Bridge...Thursday afternoon...you rule!
Then we walked back across the street to Super Bowl City.
There were tons of Broncos fans, a lot of Panthers fans and so many locals were also wearing their 49er gear!
It was really neat how they shut down several city blocks & turned it into Super Bowl City.

 As we were about to leave...Steve Marriuchci (former 49ers coach), Terrell Davis (former Denver Broncos Super Bowl champ) & LaDainian Tomlinson (former NFL MVP) walked by us. I could have touched them (but they had security guards & I didn't want to be "that" girl. 
 They were heading the NFL network booth to film a show with Brett Farve, so of course my sister and I followed them and watched the live interview.
 Brett Farve:
The NFL Network media booth:
  So fun having Super Bowl 50 in our "backyard"
I'm really glad we went to the city to check out all the fun!
So much energy!!!!

 Valentine's Flash Sales are my favorite!
Now through Valentine's Day, a $60 gift with purchase.

GUYS- no more chocolate!!
Get her something that will last and help her feel more beautiful!!
GALS- give yourself the gift of good skin!
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I'll GIFT one to you as well!!
Now is the time to hook up your friends and SCORE!!

60-day empty bottle, 100% of your money back guarantee!
Email me to place an order:

You can have amazing results like Ulla!

This is Ulla's story, "I used soothe for 60 days to get rid of dry, red itchy patches on my cheeks. Then I used Reverse exclusively for 60 days. The eye cream was used the whole time as well. My spots were due to Melasma (pregnancy mask & taking birth control) These photos are 5 years after my daughter was born. Years of summers at the lake didn't help my skin either. Now I will use sunscreen"Thank you Ulla for sharing your amazing results!!!! 

What is your biggest skin concern? I'm here to help!

Take THIS quick 5 question survey to find out what is best for your skin!

Making Valentine's Treats is my Favorite.

Every year, we make a variety of goodies & deliver them to neighbors & friends.

 For the Valentine popcorn, we use THIS printable:

Valentine Cookies in a Jar {HERE}
I give these to my girls teachers & the School office staff, custodian, crossing guard, etc.
As you can tell...I like A LOT of Valentine's treats :)

Making Valentine Printable is my favorite...I seriously have a problem...I am obsessed with making them! Ha!

Here are some that I have made....I can't pick a favorite :)

Ring Pop Valentine {HERE} // Goldfish Valentines {HERE}
Smores Valentine {HERE} // Valentine you are just Write!" & "You've got the Write stuff, Valentine" {HERE}

Valentine, You are Fun! {HERE} // Starburst {HERE}
I'm stuck on You & Let's Stick Together {HERE}  //  You make my heart Pop {HERE}
Sunglasses printables {HERE}
 Sour Patch Kids {HERE} //   You make my heart flip printable {HERE}
  All of the free printables can be found on my Printables tab {HERE}

Tulips are my favorite.
This is the extent of my Valentine's decorations this year.
Pink tulips & my heart garland.
Sweet & Simple!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!!
 I'm so excited for the Super Bowl....Go Broncos!
P.S If you need Super Bowl appetizer ideas, I posted a new recipe plus some of my favorites {HERE}


  1. Loved seeing all your Super Bowl pics! So fun!

  2. Just seeing that pretty California sky with the palm trees, makes my day. Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Haha, we saw that Brett Farve interview -- poor guy was meant to play football - not be interviewed. It was a hot mess!!

  4. If I ran into Peyton Manning on the street, I would be a complete spaz. That is so cool that Super Bowl 50 is so close to home!

  5. That neighborhood library is, like, the best thing evarrrr! I need to arrange to have one of these in our neighborhood!

  6. The Free Little Library is the cutest! I saw one when I was visiting Boston--I wish Maryland had some!

  7. The helicopters and traffic is already crazy down here on the peninsula, but it is pretty exciting to have the Super Bowl here :) I love Larabars but have you tried Perfect bars? You can get them at Safeway in the refrigerated section by the Kombucha and they're amazing! Have a great weekend!

  8. I love the idea of a free library! Wish they had one in my neighborhood

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  9. I love everything in this post! We have a free library at a nearby park. The kids (and I) love it!



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