Let's Stick Together + I'm Stuck on You {Valentine Printable}

Need an idea for a non-edible Valentine?
How about one that uses stickers?
I made these Valentines for Luke to give to his friends at Bible Playhouse.
My mother in law watches Luke two mornings a week while I am teaching. On one of those mornings she has Bible Study at our church, so Luke goes with her to that, but goes to the kids program during Bible Study. All 3 of my kids have gone to this since they were babies until they were in Kindergarten. Luke loves it & the teachers are so awesome, it's like a little preschool class.
Since I was making tons of printables for the girls, I knew I needed to make Valentines for Luke to send to his Bible Playhouse class. Since the kids are 2 & 3, I was NOT going to send candy or an edible treat. We saw these adorable puffy stickers in the Target Valentines spot and I knew they would be perfect for Luke to bring. 

Here is what you need:
- Stickers
- Printable (download at bottom of post)
- Pen

I made 2 different versions of this printable:
One version says "I'm Stuck on You"
 The 2nd Version says "Let's Stick Together"
 The stickers from Target are perfect....I bought a girl pack & a boy pack.
These are the ones in the girl pack:
 Boy Versions:
 All you do to make these Valentines is sign your child's name, cut out the printable & staple to the stickers.

 So easy! It took me 2 minutes to make 15 of these.

 Here are the printables for you to Download:
{Click to download. Right click & then Save.}

{Click to download. Right click & then Save.}

Are you sick of my Valentine printables yet? Ha!
This is the last Valentine printable..... until next year :)


  1. These are perfect! I needed a last minute non candy Valentine idea for my students! Thank you!

  2. Thank you! So cute, I may use this for next year's Valentine's! :)



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