T-Minus 2 Weeks! {Half Marathon Update}

My 1/2 Marathon is in less than 2 weeks!
I wanted to give an update on my training since I have less than 2 weeks to go!
I started training for the 1/2 Marathon on July 16 (the 1/2 marathon is October 18, so I began training 3 months before) 
July 16th was the first time I had gone running in 10 years (!!!!) 
I used to be a runner, but then being pregnant, having kids & life got in the way of running. 
And, honestly, I didn't make it a priority, so I just stopped running cold turkey in 2005 when I got pregnant.
 I loosely followed the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Half Marathon Training Plan. 
I try and run 3-4 times a week, plus "cross training"  that he recommends.
I am counting my Monday night Co-ed indoor soccer games as my cross training.
I use the Nike + Running App (It's free!) to track all my runs.
Here is how my runs have been going since I last updated my training at the end of August.
(You can see that update HERE)

This goes from most recent to oldest.
 Saturday was my longest run to date....12 miles!!!!! It was hard!
2 days later & I am still sore.
 The week before, I ran 11 miles & it felt great, but running 12 this past weekend was rough, I hit the wall at mile 10. I think the problem was that I went out too fast on my 12 mile run. My first couple miles were sub 8 miles.
When I ran 10 miles a few weeks ago, it was a rough run...It was a hilly course & it was 95 degrees out. I didn't run with any water (never making that mistake again!!!)

 So, that has been my training re-cap for the past 6 weeks since I last updated.
I am feeling excited/nervous for the 1/2 marathon.
I am excited about it because I have never done a 1/2 marathon before and I am proud of myself for sticking to a training plan. It feels good to get back into shape.
I am nervous because the 1/2 marathon course is FULL of hills.
If you have been to San Francisco before you know that it is ALL hills. Hills everywhere.
Here is the race course:

 See that steep incline at mile 10? YIKES.
Throughout all my training runs, I have felt good for the first 8-10 miles and then I have hit the wall....the fact that there is a big incline at mile 10 is making me nervous.
My 10 mile run, 11 mile run & 12 mile run all had some hills in them, but I am thinking I maybe should have added some more hilly runs. Oh well! 

My training plan for the next 2 weeks is to run 3 miles & 4 miles this week, run a 10K on Sunday and next week I plan on running another 3 miles & then 4 miles.

I think I will make sure 1 of those runs is a hilly run, just to get my legs used to the hills...although it might be too late for that! 

On a side note...like my new running shirt? Is it perfect for me or what? :)
For those of you who have run a 1/2 marathon, I would LOVE any last minute advice you can give me! I have no idea what to expect & would love any tips that will be useful for me to know as I taper off these last 2 weeks!


  1. So halfs are my favorite run!! My best time is 1:43:40 back in 2012. But I typically hit the 1:55 range if I'm not training hard enough. For me, I do my last long run 2 weeks prior and then I do no running 3 days before. That is what works for me. Start drinking plenty of fluids 2-3 days prior and leading up to the race. I chew gum the whole time. It's a distraction and keeps your throat moist. Have a good plan for what food to eat the day before and it's OK to be nervous. Those nerves can actually boost you along!! Have fun!!!!

  2. That is awesome!! You are doing great - and now that you have done 12, what's one more mile?!?!

  3. First of all, soak in the hard work you've done. You're ready for 13.1. Once you hit mile 10, just reset and tell yourself you're running a 5K. Mentally that's an automatic boost to finish. Also, finishing is the goal. Don't worry about time. Lean in to the hills. If your body is leaning forward it'll help propel you up, but don't worry if you slow down a little on the hills. Getting over it is more important that speeding to the finish. And finally, take a look at the water map. Not sure if you've been using GU on your longer runs, but I always GU around mile 4-5 and mile 9-10. You want to GU right before a water station so you have something to wash it down with. That last little energy boost right before mile 10 will help as well. And good luck!! We're all proud of you.

  4. Great job on all your training so far!!!!! You have inspired me to start running again. I haven't gone running in 5 years since I had my kiddos. I would love to do a 5K or a 10K and get back into shape. Way to go!

  5. Trust your training. Don't do anything new on race day. Check the weather and plan for all conditions, you never know what can happen during a race. Start slow and progressively increase your speed until you get to your target HR or pace. If you haven't taken GU or nutrition on your training runs don't do it during the race, nutrition is something you have to train just like everything else, you can have serious GI issues if you haven't practiced it. Get in line for the bathrooms before the race early the lines can be really long. PM or email me if you need additional advice. I will be thinking about you as I take on Ironman Maryland the same day you take on your half marathon.

  6. Great job training! I am impressed! I agree....drink tons of water 2-3 days before your race. I have heard the SF Nike Half is a beautiful course with great views. Soak it all in & have FUN!

  7. It's easy the day of the race to take off faster than normal because of the excitement and adrenaline. Many runners tire too quickly because of this. Remember to keep the same pace you've been running in training and you'll do great! Also, don't do anything new the day of the race, stick to what you know! Good Luck! You'll have so much fun! Races are addicting :)

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