2015 Fall TV Line Up!

One of my favorite things about the Fall is the new Fall TV schedule comes out!
Shows have their season premiers and we find out what new shows are premiering.
No more re-runs.
We get to find out what happened in our favorite shows after months since the Season Finales!

Usually, Fall Premier Week is in mid September, but for some reason this year, all the premiers are scattered throughout the end of September & October.

What I love to do at the end of the day is just sit down with a glass of wine & zone out in front of the TV.
How about you?
Get ready.....Let's talk TV! 

Monday Night Football
(LOVE Monday Night Football)
I only have one show on Monday nights that we have watched the past couple years which is 2 Broke Girls.
We still have episodes from last season on our DVR which tells me that I am breaking up with this show....if I haven't bothered to watch the rest of LAST season...buh-bye.
CBS hasn't announced what day/time this show will be on this year, but I think I am done watching it.

New Shows on Mondays that I will check out:
Life in Pieces looks good, I added it to my DVR & will see if it's good. The description & photo makes me think it will have a Parenthood vibe. We will see!

 I am play on an indoor soccer team on Monday nights, so anything I want to watch on Monday goes on the DVR. Plus, we have Monday Night Football to watch!

New Girl is usually on Tuesdays, but it hasn't been announced when it is premiering yet.
 I was under-whelmed by last season, but of course I will keep watching it this season.
New Shows on Tuesdays that I will try out:
Grandfathered (because it is starring John Stamos...so, hello! Of course I am watching it)
We love Goldbergs! 
New shows on Wednesdays I will check out:
None! Nothing looks good! 

Let's have a moment of silence for the fact that Parenthood is no longer on the air.

BUT, the good news is that Thursday night now is PACKED with AMAZING shows!!
TGIT is for real!
 Earlier this year, based on recommendations from many of you, we started watching Scandal.
We caught up on the 1st 4 seasons last Spring (thanks Netflix!) and are so excited to watch Season 5 this Fall.

Also on Thursdays is Grey's Anatomy!
At the end of summer I started watching Grey's Anatomy from Season 1 (several of you also recommended Grey's to me) This was the first time I have ever watched it...I can't believe I went 10 years without seeing this show! Kevin was out of town last week for 6 days, so I was able to do a lot of binge watching...I am now on season 8 of Grey's!
I am trying to catch up on all the seasons & I am currently recording the newest season on my DVR. I am LOVING Grey's....can't believe I waited 10 years to start watching!

New Shows I am watching on Thursdays:
I know it started last Fall, but we didn't watch it. I have had several friends recommend it, so now that Season 1 is on Netflix, I am going to watch it & start recording this current season on our DVR.

 Friday is for catching up on all the shows we have on our DVR (or Netflix)
But, I have been totally into watching Shark Tank on Friday nights for the past year.

I love that show! I love seeing people's new ideas.
And, I must confess, I have totally gone online and bought things from people after seeing them on Shark Tank!
Amazing Race is also on Friday Nigh. I love this show, but sometimes it gets stuck on my DVR and I never end up watching all of them.

College Football
Or, Saturday nights we go on a Date Night or hang out with family/friends/neighbors, watch a movie, etc.

Sunday Night Football (we love Football in our house!)

*All images from google images*

This post makes me sound like a TV junkie...I guess I am!
We mostly just DVR everything and watch it on Friday nights. We are SO exciting. Ha!
And, as the months go on, we cut out shows that we don't like or they just stay un watched on the DVR in what I call "DVR Suburgatory" and then I delete them or just start watching new shows on Netflix. (Speaking of Netflix shows, we are also watching House of Cards)

What are your favorite TV shows?
What new shows are you excited to try out?
Any shows you broke up with after last season?
Any Netflix shows you would recommend?
Any new shows I need to start watching?
Are you excited about Fall TV? 

TV Junkies Unite :)


  1. Two new shows I'm loving are "Blood and Oil" and "Blindspot".

  2. I second Blindspot, I was hooked after the first episode!

  3. Love Life in Pieces!! Super funny :) We are loving Blind Spot and Quantico too!

  4. Quantico, Blindspot, Life in Pieces definitely has a Parenthood vibe but you don't bawl every episode...yet.

  5. Woohoo for new TV shows! I was so tired of summer programming and reruns. I love kicking back and watching TV after a long day too :).

  6. You need to watch Blindspot!!! My coworkers and I love this show and have a rehash of it every Tuesday morning when we get to work. And surprising, it is a clean show so far, which is so hard to find.

  7. Blackish is hilarious and watchable with our kids. Not many shows are! We liked the new show with Rob Lowe. It was funny! The Goldbergs is our fav.

  8. Ditto to Blindspot, we really liked the first episode. We like Blacklist and The Player too. :) We've been watching Grey's from the beginning, and I can't believe it took you so long to watch it!

  9. Love, love, love fall TV! So fun to have all my old shows back. Grey's is the best. I am also really missing Parenthood this season. None of the new shows are grabbing me so far. We love Modern Family, The Middle, and Dancing with the Stars around here!

  10. I love Blindspot too. I've also started watching Limitless...which is a spin-off of the movie with Bradley Cooper...who makes some guest appearances. So it's win-win. :)

  11. Hi Mel, I'm watching:
    Grey's Anatomy
    Chicago Fire
    Law and Order SVU

    Also watching How to Get Away with Murder and Good Wife but not sure if I'll stick with them through this season..
    Loved Parenthood, Friends and Friday Night Lights - not much fills that void.

    These shows are also good, check them out on Netflix:
    Private Practice
    Orange is the New Black
    Brothers and Sisters
    Rookie Blue
    Lipstick Jungle

    Good luck for your half marathon!
    - Kate

  12. I totally was thinking by that picture of Life in Pieces "Wow, that looks a lot like Parenthood"…and then right after that I read that you said it. I haven't heard of that but i'm looking it up right now. Tuesdays, Grandfathered, yes. So far I think I need to give it a couple more weeks….but Thursdays make up for everything. Hallelujah for Grey's! I'm trying to binge watch Scandal so I can watch live. I love fall TV, especially rounding out the week with some football! Whoop!

  13. The Big Bang Theory is great! One of my very favorite sit-coms ever.

  14. I'll give you my lineup. We are total TV junkies!

    Real Housewives

    Below Deck
    The People's Couch

    Modern Family
    This is Life with Lisa Ling

    How to Get Away With Murder
    Project Runway

    Date night/DVR catchup

    48 Hours Mystery

    The Affair
    The Good Wife
    Quantico (New and SO GOOD!!)

    On Netflix we love Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Orange is the New Black, Bloodline and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

  15. Giiiiirl I can't believe that you JUST started watching Greys! That brings me back to Thursday nights in high school when my brother and I would watch it together! Sadly, I fell off the bandwagon after Denny...I don't think I'm fully over that yet...
    Nashville is one of my guilty pleasures, even if you're not big into country music, the acting is great! And let's be real, I love me some Connie Britton (please tell me you've watched Friday Night Lights?! It's about Texas high school football-you'd love it! May be your next Netflix binge sesh?). I usually watch all my shows when the hubby is asleep...can't get him to tune into Dancing with the Stars just yet ;)

    1. Ditto on leaving Greys when Denny did... but I'm thinking about jumping back on. AND yes to Nashville because of Connie Britton and FNL!! :)

      (I also LOVE Blacklist and The Good Wife.)

  16. I also watch 2 Broke Girls and New Girl and I read that they were both starting again in Novemebr. This new thing the channel is doing; starting them late in the season. Who knows!
    Also, Bog Bang Theory is hilarious! You and your husband will laugh every time!

  17. I seem to be a CBS buff - Scorpion, NCIS (all 3 of them), Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five O, CSI Cyber. On the ABC side, there's Castle, Quantico, Dancing with the Stars. Bones on Fox. And the design shows on HGTV. Thank goodness for On Demand... I caught a bit of Dr Ken and Last Man Standing while flipping past.

  18. You should check out Hart of Dixie on Netflix

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