Cupcake Wars {Salted Caramel Snickers Cupcakes}

This summer, the girls and I have been watching Cupcake Wars.
We love that show!
Last week, we were getting bored....swim team was over, most of the things on our Summer List were checked off & soccer hadn't started yet.
The girls asked if we could have our own Cupcake Wars!
I said sure! 
They each "created" a cupcake that we wanted to make. 
They sketched them out & we gathered our supplies.
Luke even designed one :)
 Claire wanted to make "Under the Sea" Cupcakes. She wanted them to be vanilla cupcakes dyed blue with jelly beans mixed into the batter. She wanted blue frosting with Swedish Fish on top....here is how they turned out:
 They were REALLY sugary. So, if you like a lot of sugar (like Claire!) you would love these ;)

Kate wanted to make Butterfinger Cupcakes....Chocolate Cupcakes with chopped up butterfingers inside, a peanut butter buttercream, with more butterfingers on top:
If you like Butterfingers, you would LOVE these cupcakes...I need to blog them :)

Luke wanted Red Velvet cupcakes....his favorite color is green, but he is currently obsessed with firetrucks (which is why I am throwing him a Firetruck birthday) so he wanted red firetruck cupcakes with chocolate & white chocolate chips:
 He wanted colorful sprinkles on his red cupcakes:
These were actually really good! Loved the chocolate chips inside!

 One of my favorite candy bars is Snickers, so I decided to make Snickers Cupcakes.
These were my favorite...I swear I wasn't biased ;) 
I posted my recipe at the end of this post!

Here are all 4 of our cupcakes:
Doing Cupcake Wars was really fun! And, we gave away tons of cupcakes to family & neighbors!

 I thought I would blog my Snickers Cupcakes...they were SO good!!!
 Here is what you need for the cupcakes:
 -Chocolate Cake Mix (I use German Chocolate)
- Skippy Salted Caramel Peanut Butter
- Caramel Sauce
- Snickers Bars

Make Cupcakes according to package directions.
While your cupcakes are baking, make your Peanut Butter Caramel Sauce:
I melted 2 Tablespoons of Skippy's Salted Caramel Peanut Butter & then added it to 1 cup of Caramel (I used store bought caramel & added the PB & caramel to a squeeze bottle)
Once my  cupcakes were cooled, I squeezed some into the chocolate cupcakes!
 Then it was time for the frosting:
 I made my go-to Buttercream!
 1 box of powdered sugar
1/4 c milk
1 stick of butter at room temperature
1 tsp of vanilla 
Mix with a mixer until smooth.
You can put it in a ziplock bag, cut a hole in the corner & squeeze the bag to frost  cupcakes or use a small spatula! Whatever is easiest for you!

Then I took miniature Snickers & chopped them up for the top of the cupcakes:
 Add the Snickers on top & then use more of the salted caramal peanut butter & squeeze some of that on top as well!
 If you love Snickers, you will love these cupcakes!
 The peanut butter caramel mixture is delicious!

 If you love cupcakes like us, here are some more cupcake recipes I have posted:
Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes:
I will have to blog Kate's Butterfinger Cupcakes next....they are so good! We made a peanut butter buttercream frosting for them....delicious!
 What is your favorite flavor cupcake?


  1. What a fun idea - you are such a good momma - your little ones are blessed.

  2. OH my goodness! Those look so amazing! What a super fun idea! These are the types of things I'm sure you kids will always remember and treasure doing. Great post!

  3. That is SO FUN. And the butterfinger and snickers cupcakes for the win! Yum!

  4. This is precious! I love Cupcake Wars!!

  5. Your kids came up with such creative recipes! This will definitely be something they talk about at school this summer when someone asks what they did this summer :) So fun! And I had no idea salted caramel peanut butter existed. YUM!

  6. Those Snickers cupcakes look wonderful! That is going on my fall baking list.

  7. What a fun idea!! And way to be a Yes mom!! :) So cute that Claire wanted jelly beans inside her cupcakes. I've never tried that combination. :)



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