Easter Bunny, Buzzfeed & Good Friday!

If you have read my blog for awhile, you know that not much brings me more joy than crying kids with Santa & the Easter Bunny. Luckily for me, all 3 of my kids have been criers until they were about 3 years old. 
Like we have done for the past 2 years, my sister and I took our kids to the Easter Bunny together. 
 Ahhh....I love it! #meanmommy
 All the cousins:
I think this is probably the last year I will have a crying kid with the Easter Bunny. 
Both girls out grew it by the time they were 3.
I will be sad when this phase of my life is over.

Last week on of my friends from high school (Hi Devrah!) let me know that one of my Easter Ideas made this Buzz Feed Article:
There it is....#27 Leaving Easter Bunny tracks!

What the what?
I can't believe it, I made Buzz feed. My life is now complete ;)

And, a quick note! You may have noticed we didn't do Pinspired this month.
For over 2 years,  Sheaffer , Shay & I have done a Pinspired link up where we linked up our Pinterest Inspired outfits. It has been a blast, but it's time for a change.
We are no longer going to do this link up, but we have a NEW & more improved link up coming at the end of April! We are super excited about it.
Details coming soon! Stay tuned :)

Happy Friday..... Most Importantly, Happy Good Friday.
My 3rd Quarter has ended, my grades have been submitted, my new Moscow mule mugs arrived on my porch & Spring Break has officially started!
It's a Good Friday, indeed! 
 Because of today, we are redeemed & made holy.
Our sins have been washed away.
It's Friday....But Sunday is coming!
Happy Easter Weekend, friends!


  1. Yes!! Always look forward to your Santa & Easter bunny pics!

  2. Oh, Luke! So great. And, buzz feed...nice! #lifegoals

  3. Kuddos on BuzzFeed! Can you tell me the name of your flip flops that you love so much? Thanks!!!

  4. I'm so mad I forgot to order the eye cream you were ordering in bulk! When you order again will you blog about it so I can order some? Thanks!

  5. Oh my goodness the crying pics- hilarious and yet classic!!!



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