The streak has ended.

One of my very favorite things about Christmas is crying Santa pictures.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know that sounds sick & twisted, but admit it....
Crying Kids with Santa is HYSTERICAL.
I know from experience because my girls have had some classic Santa pictures.
Let's take a walk down memory lane to see how my girls have reacted the past few years.

Kate's 1st Christmas {11 months}
No crying, but Kate looks annoyed. She must have been thinking, "Get me off this creepers lap."
Claire's 1st Christmas {3 months}, Kate {23 months}
This is good stuff my friends, good stuff. This was my first intro to a crying Santa picture & I LOVED it. So funny.
Claire {15 months}, Kate {2.5 years old}
Pure awesomeness. Claire picking up where Kate left off.
(To be honest, I was hoping for a double crying picture in 2009, but 1 out of 2 isn't bad)
Kate {3.5 years old} & Claire {2 years old}
Last year was when Kate turned a corner, she actually SMILED! She was starting to LIKE Santa!
Claire kept the streak alive & gave a good show:
I knew that my time with Claire being scared of Santa was coming to a close now that she is 3 (that is when Kate started liking Santa). So when I took the girls to see Santa on Saturday, I knew my chances were slim that I was going to get a crying kid picture. I really, really, really wanted 1 more year of tears.
(I am not an evil mom, I swear. Nothing makes me giggle more than these pictures!)
Here is some snippet of our conversation on the way to see Santa on Saturday.
Me: Girls, are you excited to sit on Santa's lap?
Kate: Yes, I am going to tell him I want a puzzle for Christmas.
Claire: I cried on Santa's last year.
Me: (feeling optimistic): It's okay if you cry Claire, you will still get a candy cane from Santa.
(yes, I was trying to manipulate the situation)

But, all my hopes & dreams of a crying picture came to a halt when both girls ran with excitement to Santa's lap.
No fear or trepidation. Nothing but smiles.
Kate {4.5 years old} & Claire {3 years old}
You should have seen Claire, chatting it up with Santa. Telling him about the boo-boo on her knee & that pink was her favorite color. It was like he was her long lost best friend.
The streak is over.
All good things must come to an end, right?

On to happier things....Don't forget about the 2nd Annual Cookie Recipe Exchange Link Up THIS Wednesday, 12.07.11
Can't wait to see your cookie recipes!


  1. omgsh - as a non-mom this is my favorite thing of LIFE. i love a good "this is the end of the world tantrum" (easy to say when tantrumers aren't mine) - but even better is the hysterical santa pics. i love it.

    so sad your streak is over. if you had taken me with you, i might have given them each a little pinch and a glare while they sat there - just in hopes of making the magic happen ;)

  2. Haha! The crying pictures are adorable and it will be fun to show the girls year after year, how much they didn't like Santa in their early years. :) The smiling picture from this year is just as adorable though.

    Can't wait for the cookie recipe exchange! What time will you be posting it?

  3. I love crying Santa pictures!
    Kids crying, not Santa. That would be awkward.

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only mom who prefers the crying santa pictures over the sweet smiles... it is especially awesome when you get the cry PLUS the escape attempt/squirm captured. Love it!

  5. I was dying at your post!!! My boys never cried they seriously just look like they're (as my husband says) "sitting in the elctric chair!' hahaha
    Crazy how much can change in 1yr, huh?

  6. All these pictures are so cute & funny! & your girls look so sweet in this year's photo. :)


    If you'd like, I will take a picture with Santa for you, because I am usually on the verge of tears :-)

  8. The crying photos are a staple of little kids with santa and definitely funny, but the one of your girls with santa this year, is just so fantastic! sorry you didn't get one more year of crying :(

  9. Man, that is probably one of my favorite of your posts all year, lol. :)

    I've got to say though, the girls look ADORABLE this year!

  10. Wow! Your girls look a lot alike in that first picture from this year. That's crazy! Love the crying pictures though.

  11. Oh so cute!!! I love crying Santa pics too. We have one of Olivia that is HILARIOUS and Lauren is beet red and screaming from head to toe in another. So funny.

  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one who appreciates a good crying Santa picture. Loved your post today. Put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hahaha....I love your perspective on this. And this years photo is absolutely gorgeous! I cant get over how similar your girls look...maybe its just me but they look like twins in that picture. Theyre both stunning...just like their momma!

  14. I love Santa crying pics too! We've only gotten one good one, and even then the people taking the pic almost deleted it and were apologizing to me trying to get a better one. No way! I wanted to buy the screaming pic!

  15. that is one very happy santa!!!

    i love the crying pictures too! sadly, i only have one.

  16. i'm sorry your santa-tantrum streak is over??

    i too have been there, done that. in hindsight it's funny, but poor poor poor santa.

  17. I love how excited you get about crying Santa pictures. If my girls cry I'll share the photo with you.

  18. Haha, I love seeing all of the crying Santa photos back to back! So cute!

  19. Very funny and you dress them so cute!

  20. Are the 2009, 2010 and 2011 santas the same guy?! Awesome! I love that in 2009 he looks kind of scared...and in 2010 the fear but Santa isn't fazed! Love it.

  21. This post made me laugh out loud. Loved it. The last Santa you saw sure was a good one. He looked like the real deal! Sorry your kids didn't cry. lol

  22. So cute! My 4 year old (who is a lot like your Claire) did not want to see Santa this year while were at a paint with Santa event. When I asked why she did not want to see him she told me because he know that I have been bad! She did not get by him at all. Do not worry though when we got home she was back to herself...not being nice to her sister and brother.

  23. Okay, as much as I love the crying baby with Santa pic - and how great would it be a pic with TWO crying babies?! - I'm glad the streak ended with such an absolutely adorable picture of your two cuties!

  24. Oh Mel this is HILARIOUS!!! I especially love you telling them it's OK to cry to get one more year :) Kate is looking SO much like you in that last picture.

  25. SO sweet! And I laughing at crying Santa pictures too! My kids never cried, instead they avoided eye contact with him & that is just as funny!

  26. so sorry the streak is over! It was a good one!
    I must admit that Santa might make me cry too! He is SO excited! :)
    Your sweeties look more alike everyday! They could not be cuter. What a wonderfully magic Christmas you will have this year.

  27. i have loved the last few years with your crying Santa photos, stay tuned for Owens...hes gonna flip!

  28. Hilarious! Have you seen this from the Ellen show? It's a bad Santa photo gallery. Hysterical! My fav is the one where the kid is in the chair and Santa is sitting on the floor. Hahahaha




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