Christmas in the City

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do during Christmas was to make the trek to San Francisco during the holidays to see all the Christmas decorations.
San Fran has fun stores....like a 4 story Nordstrom with gold escalators & a Barney's.
But amongst the fancy stores, there are homeless people on the streets around them.
I knew we would see a lot of homeless people, so I made 10 "blessing bags" and filled them with a $5 gift card to McDonalds, a granola bar, peanut butter crackers, fig newtons & a juice box. Each person we gave them to was so grateful. A little thing for us to do & a big difference to those who receive it.
My favorite thing to see as a kid was the big Christmas tree inside Neiman Marcus.
And, of course Macy's is always decked out:

Love the big tree in Union Square:

Don't let my outfit fool you...it wasn't cold. It was WARM! Sunny & 60 degrees. I thought it would be colder & I ended up being too hot.
Ice skaters in Union Square:
Salvation Army donation.....love Kate's heart.
49er fans lined up to take the bus to Candlestick for the Monday Night Football game:
Bay Bridge:
The Ferry Building at the Port of San Francisco:
And, of course since we were in the city, we had to go to our favorite coffee place, The Coffee Bean!
It was a beautiful day in the city & so much fun spending it with my mom, sisters & girls!
It was a great way to kick off Christmas Break!


  1. completely beautiful! cities at christmas are a magical sight, love yours! xo

  2. I have not been in San Fran in ages. I love that city!

  3. you're killin me. san fran during the holidays is like my absolute favorite place to be on earth. union square, the ferry bldg, wow...it's the best. wish i were as close as you are to that fun!

  4. Fun! My family always went to the city to check out all the beautiful decorations (and the animals in the Macy's windows!) This is actually the first year in about twenty that my family hasn't been able to go to SF during Christamstime.

  5. That city is so pretty and I love your non cold, too hot outfit. Very cute!

  6. The blessings bags are such a great idea. And really teach your girls about generosity. I might have to borrow that idea sometime! :)

  7. Looks like a wonderful outing! I have always wanted to go to San Fran :)

  8. we're doing the same thing with the women in our family today! it's my favorite tradition! :)

  9. I want to make an annual shopping trip there! So jealous of your day-- and what an awesome idea with the blessing bags. :)

  10. looks like so much fun! great idea to bring bags for the homeless. love it.



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