You Go Girl


Is this really a product? Wow.
I double dare someone to buy one and actually use it.

GoGirl...the funnel for women who want to pee on the go.

I am thinking this is a perfect White Elephant Christmas present.

Better yet, I might buy one for my older sister & give it to her for her birthday since she drinks SO much water & always has to stop and go to the bathroom when we travel.
Actually....maybe I will put it in her Easter Basket since that is in 2 weeks & her birthday isn't until August.

If you want a good laugh, read this... How to Use a GoGirl.


  1. I think it's (weirdly) fantastic! When I was pregnant and peeing on the side of 5 because I had to go NOW and the next exit was 20 miles away I would have totally used it! I would have laughed the whole time, but I'd use it!

  2. You're killing me! Where do you find these things?



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