Friday Favorites {February Fun}

Happy Friday!
Today I'm linking up with Friday Favorites!
 Hosted by: Andrea, Erika & Narci
 I am so excited it's Friday!
We have a mellow weekend, we were planning on heading to Tahoe but there is no snow.....it has been in the 70's & 80's here in the Bay Area the past 2 weeks & in the 60's in Tahoe.
The Groundhog said 6 more weeks of Winter...clearly that did not include California winter.
What happened to winter?!?! It decided to skip California this year! 
My kids wore shorts to school everyday this week! Crazy!

Need a planner for 2018? Still haven't gotten one yet?
 Erin Condren planners are on sale!
This is the one I got for 2018:

Click HERE to see all the planners!
So many cute designs. This is my 5th year getting one, they are the best.


Making Valentine's Treats is my Favorite.
 Chocolate Peanut Butter Heart Cookies  // Valentine Hugs & Kisses

  Ritzies // Valentine Popcorn
Every year, we make a variety of goodies & deliver them to neighbors & friends.

 For the White Chocolate Valentine popcorn, we use THIS printable:

I give these to my girls teachers & the School office staff, custodian, crossing guard, etc.
Valentine Cookies in a Jar {HERE
As you can tell...I like A LOT of Valentine's treats :)


I keep mentioning them, but I can't stop and won't stop because they really are my favorite & I love that you guys love them also!
My light & fluffy pancakes. 
Recipe HERE.

I may or may not have bought this cute set...under $10 and just in time for Valentine's Day!
 Can't wait to make heart shaped pancakes this weekend :)

RF February Specials are happening now!
 Valentine's Flash Sales are my favorite!
Get $60 gift with purchase, plus $20 cash back!

Any NEW Preferred Customer will receive your choice for FREE:
Multi Function Eye Cream,
Bright Eye Complex OR
 Anti Aging Lip Serum ($60 value)
You will also get a FREE 3 day supply of Active Hydration Serum. 
 Are you ready to get longer, darker, fuller looking lashes?

CURRENT CUSTOMERS: if you refer me to a friend/family member that becomes a customer
I'll GIFT one to you as well!!
Now is the time to hook up your friends and SCORE!!

60-day empty bottle, 100% of your money back guarantee!
What's your biggest skin concern? I am here to help!
We have products for all skin types.
Take THIS quick 5 question survey to find out what products are best for your skin type.
Email me to place an order or if you have questions!

 My very favorite kitchen appliance is my Instant Pot.
I can't stop and won't stop talking about this either! LOL!

 It is way better than a crock pot because it can slow cook food, but it is also a pressure cooker. I can cook some of my slow cooker meals in the Instant Pot in under an hour! You need one in your life.
I have posted about 10 Instant Pot recipes so far...stay tuned for A LOT more!
My Top 5 favorite Instant Pot recipes that I make the most are:
Instant Pot Chicken Fajita Soup (I will be blogging this SOON!!!!)

The 5qt, 6 qt the 8qt are available & on sale! I have the 6 qt size.

 It's Girl Scout Cookie time!
This is Kate's 6th & final year being a Girl Scout & the cookie sales are her favorite.
The Samoa's & Thin Mints are my favorites.
I like to put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the thin mint and make a mini ice cream sandwich out of it. SOOOOO Good.
But my kryponite are Samoas....I have no self control over them. 
 They are my favorite all time Girl Scout cookie!
 What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

Tulips are my favorite. Forget Roses.....give me tulips!
 Once February arrives, I love having fresh tulips on our kitchen table.
 Trader Joe's has the best tulips!
Pink ones are my favorite....I love this bunch I got...they are ombre pink. So pretty!

I found this series called Sew Zoey and it is currently Kate's favorite book series right now (besides Harry Potter, of course...nothing will top that)
There are 14 books in the series. If you are looking for a book series for a 9-12 year old, these are really cute. 
Kate got a sewing machine for Christmas & is taking sewing lessons and she loves to read, so this series is perfect for her. 
You can get them HERE.

  Making Valentine Printable is my favorite...I seriously have a problem...I am obsessed with making them! Ha!

Here are some that I have made over the years....I can't pick a favorite :)
Ring Pop Valentine {HERE} // Goldfish Valentines {HERE}
Smores Valentine {HERE} // Valentine you are just Write!" & "You've got the Write stuff, Valentine" {HERE}
Valentine, You are Fun! {HERE} // Starburst {HERE}
I'm stuck on You & Let's Stick Together {HERE}  //  You make my heart Pop {HERE}
Sunglasses printables {HERE} //  You make my heart flip printable {HERE}

Sour Patch Kids {HERE} //  Valentine, I "chews" You {HERE}

All of the free printables can be found on my Printables tab {HERE}
And, all of the items for the Valentines were found at Target in the Valentine section.

Last week we picked out what the kids wanted to give this year.
Kate chose Sour Patch Kids/Sour Watermelon, Claire chose Fun Dip & Luke chose the Chewy Bars.

 The Olympics are my favorite!
My parents took my sisters and I to the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics & it was amazing.
You can read about it HERE.
On my bucket list is to also attend the Winter Olympics.
The Winter Olympics started last night & we are looking forward to watching the Opening Ceremonies are tonight.

Watching the Olympics this year without Bob Costas hosting just isn't the same. He was the best & one of my favorite parts of the Olympics, I loved his commentary & his interviews.
Our favorite Winter Olympics events are Figure Skating, Speed Skating & the Downhill Skiing events.

What is your favorite event to watch?

So, there you have it. 10 of my Favorites so far this February.
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness, I would LOOOVE to have your weather!!!! We had a snow storm Monday, finishing one up this morning & another one is supposed to come tonight. Even tho I have always lived in the Midwest, I do NOT like the snow. I am jealous of your awesome warm weather!!!!! I also have a love for tulips :)

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  2. Bob Costas is my favorite too!!!! :-( The Olympics won't be the same without him.

  3. My favorite flowers are tulips as well! Can't wait for the Opening Ceremony!

    x S | Design by Sydnee

  4. Love your “favorites” post today. Peonies and roses are my favorite but those tulips are beautiful so I’m gonna give them a try. I love the Olympics too and as I was watching the opening ceremonies and the small amount of coverage that did Thursday, I kept thinking to myself it didn’t seem the same. Now I remember why. Bob Costas was missing. Here’s to the next 2 weeks of late night watching.



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